Video Tale: Al Sharpton – Fraud, Maker of Drug Deals, Manipulator, Racial Arsonist


We decided to take a video-narrative trip down memory lane with White House advisor Al Sharpton.

In the first video, he talks about using hate to achieve his communist/socialist form of racial justice.

A few of the racist race baiter’s rants:

Here he is trying to make a drug deal:

The public has been had.  Sharpton plans the manipulation of the media, which he did well during the Tawana Brawley hoax:

Sharpton likes to quote MLK Jr. and refers to him often. Sharpton couldn’t hold a candle to MLK Jr.

In the next video, it becomes evident how evil he is. Keep in mind, this is the man Barack Obama chose as an advisor. Don’t listen to what Obama says, watch what he does. He is no different than Al.


Sharpton stirred the mobs in Crown Heights after the accidental death of young Gavin Cato by an Hassidic cab driver.

Crown Heights

Time hasn’t changed him. He is still stirring the mobs.

Read about Sharpton’s role in Crown Heights here and here.

He told the same lie then that he is telling now – that the riots were organic and caused by underlying problems when in fact, he stirred them up.

He owes about $4.5 million in back taxes to the federal government but  he denies it’s that much. The evidence does not support his case, even the NY Times recently reported his debt as in excess of $4 million.

Anyone who brings up his well-chronicled tax evasion is called a racist.



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