videos…Peters on Rice: “The Yogurt I Had for Breakfast Had More Intellectual Structure”


Lt. Col. Peters and Col. Hunt discussed Barack Obama’s strategy of ‘strategic patience’ with Bill O’Reilly Friday evening.

The strategy as outlined by Susan Rice yesterday is worthy of a ‘bumper sticker’, Lt. Col. Peters explained but it’snot a strategy.

The strategy as outlined by Susan Rice is secure, values, a rules-based national order, defend, expand (prosperity), leverage (US leadership).

What does any of this mean? It’s gibberish.

It was ‘mush’, Peters said, ‘The yogurt I had for breakfast had more intellectual structure,’ he continued. ‘There’s no there there.’

Susan Rice called White House leadership ‘our unparalleled leadership.’

The administration believes they are doing ‘a hell of a job’, O’Reilly said.

The coalition is a joke because of the lead-from-behind leadership presented by our administration.

The UAE dropped out of the coalition but they just sent a squadron of jets to Jordan. There’s a message in that.

Susan Rice spent much of the speech on our ISIS strategy talking about transgender issues and climate change as if they were all on a par. As usual, it’s the administration drawing unlike parallels among issues.

Bill O’Reilly asked Lt. Col. Peters to respond as Susan Rice and he said he couldn’t ‘sink that low.’

Barack Obama compared the atrocities by radical Muslims today to battles waged by Christians a thousand years ago. He ignores the terror threats and attacks by ISIS committed daily and has Susan Rice go out to say it’s not an existential threat so therefore we should do nothing. We should exercise strategic patience, which means absolutely nothing.

Only Armageddon will bring this administration to action, and maybe not even then.

It might not be WWII but it is 1933. The parallels are alarming.


How do people take Susan Rice seriously? How does anyone take this administration seriously?

Here’s a few minutes of Susan’s delusional speech:

I heard Stanley Urwin is being asked to come back from the dead to join the White House team as a spokesperson:

Listen to Stanley on the budget – he sounds infinitely more coherent:

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