Villainize the White Man to Disunite America


White Privilege

Whites are becoming pariahs and the source of their own diminishment by buying into the far-left’s “white privilege” mantra which legitimizes and weaponizes the concept.

“White Supremacists” are no longer defined as madmen in groups like the KKK, but rather as all whites, except for the enlightened far-left. All whites are keeping black and brown men down.

white supremacy

We are no longer Americans. We are classes of people who are ranked according to the color of our skin, the money and possessions we have accrued, the education we have pursued, and the religion we follow or don’t.

While pretending to want a classless society, the Marxists are actually dividing us into classes and pitting us against one another.

“White privilege” ideology is strongly influencing the idealistic college students, both white and black. It’s quite a coup.

The Ivy League University of Pennsylvania has a new group on campus founded by white students to confront their own ‘white privilege’.

To join, one must have “a desire to take an anti-racist stance in learning about race and whiteness, and a willingness to face discomfort, uncertainty, or anger in the process.”

The group is called Students Confronting Racism and White Privilege (SCRWP), according to the university’s website, which also describes it as a political advocacy organization.

They are not only buying into a leftist and anti-white racist meme, they are going to become activists.

The group has already held racist discussions on the invented leftist phenomenon of “white fragility: why white people freak out about race and what to do about it.” The discussion was also sponsored by the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA)—the official student government of the graduate school—and the Graduate School of Education Student Government (GSESG).

white fragility

They also held discussions on “the effect of white privilege & differential privilege statuses on inter-racial friendships and relationships.”

They hand out strategies to address this alleged mass racism which leftists falsely believe is engrained in every pillar of society, every agency, everything we do.

According to the new formula, whites are essentially evil and abuse their whiteness. Reparations must be made. Minorities are in jail because of us, they drop out of school because of us, they don’t get jobs because of us.

“White supremacy”, “white privilege”, “white fragility” are in no way meant to bring people together. They are meant to benefit one race at the expense of another. It’s hateful.

This ideology is the fabrication of the far-left and at its core lies the desire to control, and they are winning.

They take something which contains some truth and make into into a crisis.

The far-left has made everything about race. It’s insidious and pervasive in the same way as climate change.

Like climate change and Obamacare, it’s simply another way to keep us from uniting as Americans against an abusive government and a totalitarian ideology.

We need to work together and not let the small numbers of leftists divide us.

black white

Source of the group’s information: Campus Reform



  1. Read the 1992 book by Arthur Schlesinger “the dis uniting of America” Specifically says, page 97, making white males the villain. Also calls out al sharpton on page 95. That’s 23 years ago folks. Schlesinger ends the book saying we need more “unum” and less “pluribus” – a pretty good summary.

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