Violating the Constitution Is Growing Obama’s Poll Numbers



Branco cartoon via Legal Insurrection

Mr. Obama’s poll numbers are inching back up as he diverts the conversation from ObamaCare and other failures to popular issues.  He enacts legislation on these issues on his own, without Congress, because Congress fails to act, which, when put that way, is effective.

Violating the Constitution and the balance of power is well worth it for him as we can see by his rising popularity, even in the shadow of the disastrous healthcare plan. Some polls have him back up to 46% from a dismal 39%.

He has violated the Constitution 28 times with delays and other Amendments to the ObamaCare law – illegally – to cover up its full negative impact. In the end, breaking the law matters little when compared with the effect the full implementation of the law would have on people.

On Tuesday, AG Eric Holder told State AG’s that they are not obligated to defend laws in their states banning same-sex marriage if the laws discriminate in a way forbidden by the Constitution. He then brought up his own refusal to abide by DOMA laws as a “positive” example.

He told AG’s (Attorney Generals) to consider the selective defense of laws, a clear violation of the Constitution. He is short-circuiting the Supreme Court of the United States.

It is a very clever ploy. He violates the law to appear to support the Constitution.

In states where Governors are Republican and the AGs are Democrats, this will be used for political purposes.

The office of Attorney General has been politicized.

Regardless of what you think about gay marriage, Holder is depriving people with a differing opinion of the right to a fair hearing.

It is one man, not the Constitution, deciding the law of the land.

When the Attorney General of the country is not abiding by the law and telling state AGs to not abide by the law, there is no one there to maintain the law of the land.

The White House is writing the laws. All power is concentrated in the hands of one man.

Sadly, all of these violations of the law of the land are bringing his poll numbers up.

Using this approach, Obama can not only divert the conversation from ObamaCare, his scandals, and his failed foreign policy, but he can take issues that appeal to the majority of people and make himself appear to be a strong moral leader.

Minimum wage, fuel standards, gun control, immigration, and employment of long-term unemployed are popular issues that take Americans’ eyes off the ball.

It doesn’t even matter that most Americans don’t think they are the key problems facing our country today. Immigration and the minimum wage for example are only major issues for 6% of the people according to Heritage.

He is taking issues that provide good sound bites to bring his poll numbers up. He has gone from 39% to 46% in some polls seemingly overnight and he is doing it by overstepping his authority.

His pen and phone strategies get coverage. They put pizazz into his soundbites and they get wide circulation.

He picks well-polled topics and goes out every day talking about how he will ignore the do-nothing Congress and make things happen.

Clinton did much the same thing when he was in the midst of his scandals and it worked. Both Clinton and Obama use the same playbook designed by John Podesta.

Obama is becoming more popular, especially among the young, by violating the law of the land and it is because he appears to be solving or addressing problems they agree with.

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