Violence-Loving Left Who Cringe Over an NRA Ad Get Their Answer!


The left-wing is very afraid of President Trump’s silly WWE tweet but they are not at all afraid of the real violence coming from he left. The violence that put Congressman Scalise and others in the hospital is barely a blip on their radar. They’re afraid of Dana Loesch saying gun owners will fight lies with “the clenched fist of truth”, but not of the Bernie supporter in Portland slashing Good Samaritans to death when they tried to help two Muslim teens.

Left-winger snowflakes once again exhibited their selective outrage against violence last week over an NRA ad. In the ad, Dana Loesch stated that gun owners will fight the left’s lies with “the clenched fist of truth.”

Governor wannabe/soon-to-be of California, Gavin Newsom, echoed the sentiments of the cupcakes who think guns are the problem. All this while their army of Antifa fascists attack anyone with whom they disagree.

The NRA would have none of it even though the left demanded an apology for the ad. NRA-TV host Grant Stinchfield got right in the face of the “violent left” and said in no uncertain terms, “We will never back down.”


He tore into them: “You people openly call for the assassination of our president and then claim the NRA is inciting violence? You set fire to buildings and attack people in the streets and then go ballistic for being called out.”

“To those of you on the violent left who claim we believe there’s an ‘us’ and ‘them’ in this country? You’re absolutely right. There are those of us who believe in freedom; then there are those of you who actively burn down our country because you can’t get over the fact your so-called progressive didn’t win the election. Get over it and grow up,” he continued.

The left portrays themselves as non-violent but they are committing most of the violence. They like to say they are the freedom fighters, but they want to silence all opposition as they try to destroy our Bill of Rights.

Look what the Organizing for America Marxists sent me today. Make note of the fact that they won’t call Independence Day anything but the 4th.

The Response

Stinchfield made it real clear where the real freedom fighters all stand and ended with this: “We don’t apologize for warning America about chaos creators who want to impose their will upon us through their violence and lies. And we stand firm with the clenched fist of truth while they wilt with an open mouth of lies.”

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