Violent Democrats March, Beat Up Trump Supporters, Demand Trump’s Tax Returns


The Democrats, desperate to destroy Donald Trump and failing at it, are back on to the tax return issue. Not too many people really care about his tax returns but they get an “A” at trying to make people care.

The march, organized by 70 leftist, mostly Soros-funded organizations, took place in 150 towns and cities Saturday – allegedly. Protestors are demanding the president release his personal returns and maintain transparency and accountability.

Only a liberal/leftist would march on a day when we could conceivably go to war with North Korea.

Maxine Waters is being looked at by the congressional ethics committee yet again and still managed to show up at the tax march in D.C.. She’s a real peach.

Celebrities came and demanded the returns.

“This isn’t a partisan issue. This is about being an an American and protecting our democracy, and we know for a fact that it has been attacked and infiltrated by Russia,” actress Debra Messing told MSNBC during a rally in New York.

New York City in particular is a socialist cesspool. I know that’s true, I live there. They had a big turnout.

The numbers were exaggerated overall. They had a lot in New York but not many in general.

Berkeley is another cesspool.The antifa – anti-fascists – were extremely violent and police watched as Trump supporters were beaten. You have to give these kids credit going out knowing they’re going to be assaulted and the police will stand down.

The idiots are still trying to push the Trump-Putin collusion story.

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