Viral Video of Vile Antifa Beta Male Verbally Assaulting 9/11 Widow


In this short clip, a whiney Antifa beta male verbally assaults a woman whose husband, she says, died on 9/11. His behavior is infuriating and he comes off as a hateful bully.

The video begins with a woman, who is wearing an NYPD hat and patriotic shirt, standing at a corner waiting for a traffic signal to change. The Antifa ‘man’, and we use that word loosely, is standing behind her and starts screaming in a nasally falsetto voice about why she’s blocking him. It apparently never occurred to him to walk around her.

Referencing her NYPD hat, he screeches about how he won’t knock her out. After she tells him about her husband dying on 9/11, he follows her across the street whining out vile statements attacking her dead husband, referencing the 1997 Abner Louima case.

The emasculated man-child then squeals, “your husband should f***in rot in the grave”.

We don’t know if something preceded this, but this slice of Antifa life will offend you. This man thinks he’s protecting against fascism? How ironic.

Would he do this to a man? None of the other ‘men’ standing around come to her aid.

Watch this creep, you have to watch it to believe it:


  1. Trump and the “right” was NEVER the problem. It has always been the “loser” and her “boss” and the corrupt mainstream media who does an admirable job of transposing the “evil” of the left onto the conservatives. Face facts…99.9% of all the attacks, riots etc., originate and are carried out by the “left”…and the media reports it as if it is their right and somehow the victims are to blame…

  2. Thanks Democrats.. Americans need to see the hatred in your hearts. This lets everyone know that Trump isn’t the problem, it’s the left and Democrats.

  3. I’d say a quick knee to the twotwins, but I believe all the soy destroyed them years ago. That’s why their targets are either women or elderly when they’re on their own; it takes 5 to 1 minimum to gather enough testosterone to attack one unimpaired male.

  4. All of the people that did nothing and the attacker should be arrested and held without bond until.their court appearance for conspiring to intimidate this woman.

    I hope somebody puts this simple piece of human waste in the sewer and flushes twice.

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