Virginia Going Down the Drain as They Regulate Away Charity Car Washes


car wash NAZIs

The Department of Environmental Services in Arlington, Virginia County issued new rules for stormwater and water runoff that will ban or limit charity car washes – for starters – according to Breitbart.

The Virginia General Assembly approved oppressive water regulations that forbid school car washes because of the runoff of dirt and soap, which of course must runoff eventually somewhere anyway. It will flow into local streams, the Assembly says.

This is what we can look forward to when the EPA passes their stringent Clean Water regulations which will give the government power to regulate water in trenches and puddles, even on private property.

This is what tyranny looks like.

“There is an underlying reason why most types of car washing are not allowed under state and federal stormwater regulations,” DES spokeswoman Shannon Whalen told the Arlington News.

The law bans all car washes on school property and any car washes that aren’t for personal use will require a permit from the state government, even charity car washes held on private property. You can be sure that the permits won’t be free.

In January of 2013, Ken Cuccinelli won a case that banned the EPA from regulating water in Virginia County.

The EPA couldn’t directly regulate rain and the runoff so they decided to call rainwater a pollutant and require Virginia to clean up all those “pollutants.”

It would have meant stealing and then tearing down homes and businesses to plant grass to control the runoff [via an abuse of Eminent Domain].

In one county alone, it would have cost hundreds of millions of dollars, not counting the losses to private owners. This one creek would cost about half a billion dollars after the properties are stolen from private owners.

With Cuccinelli replaced by a team of far-left loons, that rule will come back one way or the other.

What the EPA couldn’t do – yet- the Virginia Assembly plans to do, beginning with car washes.

Say goodbye to charity car washes as liberalism and Big Brother march onward and FORWARD!