Virginia School Board Threatens Home Schooling Parents With Imprisonment-Update


Update: 01/13:15: The School Board has agreed to remove the provision but it is concerning that they would even begin to think this is okay.

Forever vigilant! The loss of freedom is never far away.

Original Story: Does a school board have the right to bring teens before them to prove their religious exemption for home schooling is justified and do they have the right to follow it up with imprisonment of the parents if they don’t comply?

This is happening in the United States.

Goochland County, Virginia School Board is demanding parents and their children justify their religious beliefs under interrogation. The Board changed their policy and now, once a child is 14 or older, the child has to state whether their beliefs are in accord with their parents’ beliefs. They are then to be brought before the board for interrogation so the board can determine if their beliefs are bona fide.

This is a school government daring to tell parents and their children if their beliefs are acceptable.

If the board doesn’t think the child has the beliefs of the parents, the exemption is withdrawn.

If parents don’t comply, they will be forwarded for criminal prosecution. There is also a fine.

Their new provision states, “Any student who, together with his/her parents, seeks an exemption from compulsory attendance, due to their bona fide religious training or beliefs must submit a written application to the school board, setting forth the reasons for the request.”

Home schooling parents are concerned about the future of home schooling in the United States. A federal case endangers this parental right.

In May 2013, the 6th US District Court of Appeals found against the Romeike family who fled Socialist Germany when they were about to be imprisoned for home schooling their children for religious reasons. The court upheld the Obama administration’s denial of asylum to the Romeike family, a family of Evangelical Christians who are home schooling their children in the United States.

The Supreme Court of the United States refused to hear the case.

Eric Holder granted the family permanent asylum but the ruling stands.

What makes this decision concerning to home schoolers and all others who believe in the rights of parents to educate their children is that Eric Holder and Barack Obama have come out against the freedom to home school based on it not being a fundamental freedom.

Eric Holder said home schooling is not a protected freedom: “There is no fundamental liberty to homeschool.” He added that as long as a government [Germany] bans homeschooling broadly and equally, there is no violation of rights. This is a view which gives a nod to the principle of equal protection but which completely ignores the concept of fundamental, individual liberties.

Supporters of home schooling are concerned that the Administration will ban home schooling in the United States.

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama strongly support a treaty to take away the rights of parents to educate their own children and they support the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

The treaty substitutes global governance on the issue for U.S. law and the rights of U.S. parents. Treaties become the law of the land according to the Supremacy clause of the constitution.

The U.S. signed and ratified both the optional protocols [regarding child soldiers and child prostitution and pornography] to the Convention in 2012. The EU has repeatedly called for the U.S. to sign and ratify the treaty. There are powerful U.S. groups supporting ratification as well.

It is a clear infringement on religion and individual rights. Subjugating us to an atheistic UN governance ruled by the world’s statists and dictators is somewhat traitorous.

Doug and Carla Pruiett

Parent Doug Pruiett (pictured above with his wife Carla), is an educator and has religious training. He has sought legal counsel.

The Pruietts have been home schooling their children since 2004 and the Board has ordered them to comply with the changed school policy which was made in 2013.

The Goochland School Board is reviewing the policy today at the request of the home schooling parents in the district. The Superintendent has previously said he would like the state to weigh in with a clear definition because the state policy on which their policy is based is vague.


Sources: WTVR and WRIC

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