Vocal Trump-Hating Mayor of Flint, MI Is Involved in a Major Scandal


Flint, Michigan has gone from a town with a thriving automotive industry to a crime-ridden and impoverished city where no one dares drink the water.

It has been under Democratic rule since the mid-1970s except for a short stint recently with a Republican governor who they falsely blamed for all their problems.

In 2015 they elected another Democrat, Karen Weaver, as mayor of Flint.

She is a loud anti-Trump critic who blames conservatives for almost every problem imaginable. She slammed the President over the Puerto Rico hurricane relief and lined up with her buddy San Juan leftist Mayor Yulin Cruz.

Ironically, Cruz and Weaver are facing serious scandals over their handling of emergencies. They are accused of incompetence and corruption. Weaver is accused of using the Flint water crisis for personal gain by taking the funds for the emergency and putting them in a political fund she controlled.

“Mayor Karen Weaver asked employees to redirect charitable donors to a nonprofit fund she created shortly after taking office in 2015, an ex-city official testified during a federal whistleblower trial in Detroit on Wednesday,” MLive reported.

She is denying it but there is a lot of evidence against her.

“They got slick,” community activist Arthur Woodson bluntly told MLive. “They were trying to steal the money.”


Weaver allegedly used her emergency declaration during the peak of the water crisis in 2015 to receive a significant amount of money from donors trying to help the city’s residents.

“By January 2016, Weaver, who was elected and took office the previous November, created her nonprofit, Caring for Flint,” explained MLive.

“The nonprofit was created as a 527 organization, usually a form of campaign fund created for politicians. Under federal law, a 527 account isn’t required to register or report to the state, can accept direct corporate contributions and is only obliged to report donors and expenditures if contributions exceed $25,000 in a year,” the newspaper continued.

Jody Lundquist and Natasha Henderson, the city’s former chief financial officer, and city administrator, respectively, are now whistleblowers.

The two former officials say that Mayor Weaver directed her staff to funnel donations meant for the city into her new account, which made them uncomfortable.

After Henderson began asking questions about how the donated funds were being handled, she was fired by the Democrat mayor.

“The termination prompted Henderson, who claims she was fired for pointing out the questionable donation diversion, to file a federal Whistleblower Protection Act lawsuit in May 2016 against Flint and Weaver,” MLive said.

That suit has since morphed into a U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals case, which is still ongoing.


Flint never learns their lesson. They keep voting for corrupt Democrats. When the Flint Water Crisis become headline news, this is how the staffing looked:

The voters of Flint installed two felons, one a murderer, and two individuals who have declared personal bankruptcy in the past on their city council.

In 2013, the newly elected Flint City Council included a convicted killer, a man who served probation for felonious assault and two people who have gone through personal bankruptcies.

According to Michigan live, also on the nine-member council at the time at least were/are:

• First Ward councilman-elect Eric Mays pleaded guilty to felonious assault in 1987 and served a year of probation. Mays said the man had been threatening his life before Mays threatened him with a gun.

• Second Ward Councilwoman Jackie Poplar filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in federal bankruptcy court in 2004, a year before first being elected to City Council. She repaid nearly $21,000 to her creditors over six years.

• Newly elected Seventh Ward Councilwoman Monica Galloway and her husband filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1999, according to federal court records.

Democrats got them to where they are today and will undoubtedly keep winning elections.

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4 years ago

Flint voters are uninformed and biased, will choose any democrat.

Jeanna Green
Jeanna Green
4 years ago

Why is it that most Democrats feel that Tax Payer Money is all part of their Democratic Party’s War Chest. Just like the ones in Congress who purposely wasted 35 million TPM (Taxpayer Money) and have no intention of stopping their abuse of finances with even more witch hunt scandals. Don’t think that the ones who abuse their power, position, and finances should stay responsible and in charge of the purse strings of our American Economy. I remember reading that even Cortez was involved in Campaign funds misconduct. I believe there were even more than that that was reported but then swept under their corruption rug. So I have a question, if anyone could tell me. Over say 15 years, we have heard of SEVERAL voter fraud cases. Has anyone ever been prosecuted? Why is it, it seems that when questions come up it quickly vanishes and no follow up on if the left cont. to get away with their Voter corruption. Did the female who was in charge of the Florida Election office, who was caught destroying ballots and found others in her car trunk or an empty office, ever go before the courts to answer for her misconduct? I know she stepped down, but has she ever had to answer for her crimes against Florida Voters?

4 years ago
Reply to  Jeanna Green

In the case of Florida election abuse, republicans such as AG Pam Bondi promised action and delivered nothing, and the governor Scott was equally useless.