Vogue Editor Anna Wintour Disses Melania! Jealous, Perhaps?


Super phony Anna Wintour, the Vogue editor-in-chief, once suggested Melania Trump would never be on the cover of Vogue again. By way of contrast, she gave three covers to Barack’s wife Michelle. The small-mindedness didn’t disturb Melania who said she has more important concerns.

Melania is beautiful and her fashion taste is outstanding and tailored to the country she is visiting. She is stunning. Wintour was asked about Melania and showed just how rude she can be.

Wintour spoke to The Economist last week and was asked about Melania and responded by saying how great Michelle is.

Interviewer Anne McElvoy pressed Wintour about the current first lady’s fashion sense while she accompanied President Donald Trump on an official visit to the U.K. and asked Wintour if she valued that. Obviously, she doesn’t.

Wintour pointed to the “incredible” Obama — that was her answer.

This is what the right has to deal with — unreasonable fascists with no respect for differing opinions. And a lot of jealousy.

There were a lot of petty people responding:

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Christopher Bowen
Christopher Bowen
4 years ago

It’s like comparing pork to caviar. Melania is elegant graceful beautiful and charming. The other is fat porcine and unattractive, No comparison. Wintour looks like a ten facelift nyjgirl hiding behind very dark glasses. Ignore her. She just proved how bad her taste if.

4 years ago

Melania Is poetry in motion , Her Beauty is only exceeded by her almost unmatched Intellect. all those going against Her are witches and their ugly hideous Hag interior and low Intellect are showing through for the world to see.