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A country is defined by its Borders.  A country is ruled by the law of its land.

America has an immigration policy that allows for a certain amount of people to immigrate to our country each year and people have been legally migrating to America for centuries. These people usually wait for years to have the privilege of becoming an American citizen through legal channels, learning English, and embracing our way of living.

However, the new wave of immigrants who are crossing our borders illegally are now seeking to become “legal” citizens with a wave-of-a-hand because they feel they are “entitled’ just by their presence here in America, regardless of the fact that they broke the rules to get here.

Our elected officials in Washington DC, who by-the-way took an oath to uphold our Constitution, want to bypass the rules of the land and let people who are immigrating to this country illegally, have a free pathway to citizenship. The illegals are demanding it!  They want to be afforded the same rights as US Citizens.

Our elected officials took an oath to uphold the Republic and not give our country away to a bunch of criminals. The politicians seem to care more about welfare of illegals in our country than the American citizens they swore to serve.

The supporters of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill have played on everyone’s emotions.

I’ve heard over-and-over again that one reason why we should support comprehensive immigration reform is for the innocent children who were brought over here illegally by their parents. Here’s a news flash, children are the responsibility of their parents!  Period.

It is up to the parents to provide for their children and it is up the parents to make the legal decisions that will not put their children in harms way. America does not owe illegal children a darn thing.

I cannot for the life of me comprehend how a group of people, here illegally, are trying to dictate to us how we should care for them.  By the law of our land they are criminals but yet they bully our politicians into allowing them a pathway to citizenship.

Through the years, people from all over the world have legally migrated here and each group arrived speaking their native language.  But over time, they spoke our native language.

Now I don’t mind people speaking their native tongue but here in America, we speak English. If you live in America, please speak our language.

Just today, I received a mailer from the Suffolk County Board of Elections reminding to me vote on September 10th, Primary day. The card is written in two languages, English and Spanish.  Not German, not Italian, not Mandarin, nope, just Spanish.

If you cannot speak or read the English language, then how are you going to make an informed decision on how to vote?

Now I only point this out because if you can’t vote in English it makes me wonder if you can read and speak English. These people will cast a vote without the concept of our written language?

The Democrats are pushing for comprehensive immigration reform and salivating at the thought of 11 million possible new voters voting for the Democratic party.

But they better be careful what they wish for because I believe that most of Central Americans are Christians who oppose Democrat social policies. If these people pay attention to details, I believe that they will vote for conservative Republicans because their beliefs are more in line with the founding principals of the Republicans.

In all honesty, I embrace all those who come to America through legal channels. America is a melting pot of many nationalities with everyone having one common denominator and that is to follow the law of the Republic.  And we all need to speak the same language.

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