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Four More Years of This?
Four More Years of This?

This past Sunday, I woke up to the horrific news that 50 innocent people were gunned down in
Orlando, Florida and 53 others were wounded in what appears to be another senseless attack on Western Civilization. My first thought was this was another Islamic terror attack on American soil. Unfortunately, I was accurate. Forty-nine people murdered because an Islamic terrorist decided that gay people don’t have the right to live.

Of course the Left immediately blamed “guns” in this act of terrorism and not the man who committed the crime! Whenever there is a terror attack, it seems to me that the perpetrators are “radical Muslims”, yet, our own President will not use the words “radical” or “Islamic terrorism”. He will blame a video, workplace violence, and in this case it is a “hate-crime” against gays. He absolutely refuses to address the fact that Radical Islamists are responsible for all these atrocities here and around the world.

It was no surprise to me, that the rally cry to take away our guns began 5 minutes after the carnage ended. The Left claims that banning guns will help stop terrorism. Really? The Boston bombers used pressure cookers, the 9-11 terrorists used box cutters and airplanes, a French police officer in Paris was just stabbed to death, therefore, how will banning guns solve the war on terrorism?

These terrorists have used and continue to use suicide bomb vests, machetes, car bombs, shoe bombs and whatever else they could get their hands on to kill us. So please tell me how gun control will stop terrorism? Gun control only takes away guns from law-abiding citizens, not the criminals.

Explain to me how an Islamic terrorist kills people and Obama then lectures us all on not putting the blame on all Muslims but somehow all Americans must give up their rights to own guns???

The FBI had the Orlando terrorist on their radar screen but this guy was still allowed to purchase a gun. So how does taking away my gun play any part in preventing these horrific killings?

We certainly do need to address terrorism. Whether it be that the victims are passengers on flights, people working in financial trade centers, athletes in Boston, recruiters in Tennessee, soldiers in Fort Hood, county employees in California, wheel-chair bound passengers on cruise ships, our embassies around the world or gays in Orlando, we need to stop terrorism now.

But taking away our guns is not the answer and neither is inviting in unvetted-Muslim refugees from Syria.

After the massacre at the Pulse, Obama got on his soapbox to scold Americans on their feelings about Islamic radicals while he is fast-tracking more of them into our country. Donald Trump shot back that Obama seemed angrier with the Republicans and him than the radical Muslims who slaughter innocent people at will.

Does anyone in their right mind actually think that this type of government, one that plays favoritism to certain groups of people while chastising American citizens, is going to protect us?

This is a perfect example of how the current administration has clearly abused their power by targeting innocent American citizens. Under Obama’s direction, the IRS spent millions of our taxpayers dollars to deliberately target Tea Party groups but the same government refuses to secure our borders. Has even one Mosque, with known connections to terrorist groups, been shut down? None that I can think of, but TSA agents at airports will molest small children and the elderly and treat them like possible threats to our national security while deliberately flooding our nation with unvetted “so-called” Syrian refugees.

The women of Germany cannot even enjoy a concert in the park without being raped by these “refugees” and we want to flood America with these same type of people? Upon arrival to our shores, the refugees with receive instant welfare benefits, therefore, not only will our taxes increase but our safety will diminish.

The 2016 November election is about electing the next Supreme Court justice who will preserve our right to bear arms or disarm America, protect our national security and borders or not (ask Germany how their open borders are working out for them as their women are being raped) and getting the economy back on track or embracing socialism (ask Venezuela how voting for socialism worked out for them as they are literally starving in the streets and eating dogs for dinner).

Hillary Clinton says she cares about women but she supports the influx of “raping refugees” to our country while demanding we turn in our guns. What kind of women would support putting other women’s lives in this sort of danger?

Is voting for someone “just because she is woman” really worth the risk your mothers, wives and daughters will face if she is elected president? We need to vote for the safety and security of our families.

Just remember this, Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife has already proven that she doesn’t care about the national security of our country. In her very own words, dead Americas make no difference to her and neither does the well-being of your family. Vote to turn in your guns and the “worst shooting in America” we just witness in Orlando will only increase.

As a woman, I prefer to vote for someone who will close our borders, build a wall and protect me, an American citizen.



  1. Very powerful and true. Why is Obama always defending Muslims while scolding Americans. !! Hillary will be the same! Just remember Bengazi and vote for Trump !

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