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This is what you will get with Hillary because she has already indicated he will have a key position. While Trump has some flexibility on the minimum wage, he has also said it must be left with the States. Hillary on the other hand wants Federal rules on minimum wages for private business. As Trump said, she’s a job killer.

Leftist, open borders nut Tom Perez went on about the minimum wage in an interview this week.

After 7 years of under 3% job growth, a feat no other president has accomplished, this economic liar said the following.

It’s “unconscionable” for Republican presidential candidates to oppose raising the minimum wage, according to Labor Secretary Tom Perez.

Perez, a civil rights lawyer tapped for President Barack Obama’s Cabinet in 2013, touted the Obama administration’s efforts to raise the minimum wage. He’s a redistributionist and he wants to decide who is getting ‘too much’ because ‘it’s not who we are’, the Marxist said.

“Whether you’re a conservative or a progressive, a fair minimum wage [Marxist] has always been a lynchpin of a thriving economy, but the Tea Party is holding it hostage,” he continued.

“If you want to grow the economy, elect a Democrat,” Perez said.

And we can get downgraded even more! He forgot to add that!

A supporter of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, Perez refused to speculate on whether or not he would accept an offer to be the former secretary or state’s running mate but didn’t hesitate to boast of her accomplishments.

“I can’t imagine someone better situated from day one to govern, because the president has to be the ‘multitasker-in-chief,’ and she has such a wealth of experience,” he said. “But it’s not simply her experience; it’s her values that I have gotten to know, and her judgement that I so value, and the voters of South Carolina obviously value her judgement as well.”

He talked about the ridiculous and useless Lily Ledbetter law which was only meant to get votes.

We can all agree employers should pay a decent wage but Big Government should not determine what that is and paint the entire country with the same broad brush!

Background on this leftist:

Top VP Pick for Hillary Was Slammed by a New Orleans Judge Because He’s Crooked

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