Vote Is In on the House Condemnation of Trump’s ‘Racist’ Remarks


The President returned fire at four communist and anti-American women who call themselves ‘the squad’ this past weekend. A lot of people didn’t like the way he did it with his “go back” tweets on Sunday. They were rude but they were not racist, xenophobic, or nativist. People can disagree with that but what they can’t disagree with is Democrats are out to get the President at all costs. They won’t do the business of running the country.

Last week, ‘the squad’ — AOC, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib — called Nancy Pelosi racist. They have completely diminished the meaning fo the word ‘racist.’

When it’s not conspiracy or collusion, it’s false claims of racism. These Democrats make a mockery of our government. Why don’t they do their job instead of trying to find a way to destroy Republicans? They could start by working on the debt and spending.

Four Republican members of the House —  Hurd, Fitzpatrick, Upton, and Brooks — and one Independent, Amash — joined with Democrats in voting tonight to condemn the President’s remarks.

The resolution passed mostly along party lines in a 240-187 vote.

“This Congress must speak loudly and with one voice to condemn the president’s words and more importantly to condemn the sentiments behind them,” socialist Rep. Jerry Nadler said. “The United States should be a beacon of hope and refuge to those who need its protection, and it should welcome with open arms those who embody our values and ideals.”

Democrats also highlighted other controversial comments Mr. Trump has made in the past — including his remarks following the 2017 Neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville and description of certain countries as sh**hole” countries.

Those remarks were complete lies. He never said anything wrong about Charlottesville and was misquoted. As far as sh**hole countries, a lot of them are which is why people flee them.

Meanwhile, the squad calls Border Agents, ‘Nazis,’ and detention facilities, ‘concentration camps.’ They call everyone racist, sexist or homophobes, and they want to abolish ICE, abolish DHS, and they are communists.

Most Republicans, however, rallied around the president and rejected arguments that his comments were racist, though some did criticize the rhetoric he used on Monday.

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, a Hispanic Republican, said the term racist is thrown around “so loosely” as a political weapon.

“This has got to stop, but it got to stop on both sides. This is fuel to the fire it’s not a way to bring closure to the issue,” Rep. Tom Cole said, noting the president’s comments were not “appropriate.”

When Ilhan Omar was making her anti-Semitic comments and she joined with Rashida, and AOC to push BDS, it was no big deal. The Democrats passed a resolution against hate after Omar made anti-Semitic remarks. It barely suggested anything coming from the left and ended up being all about so-called white supremacy.

Nancy Pelosi is a Marxist harpy herself, by the way.

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