Voter Fraud?….Really?


So here we are in the year 2012…Happy New Year!
So what’s new?
You’d be surprise to find things that were old have great relevance on all that is new.
Why you ask?
How can one imagine The United States, a country that prides itself as leading the world on equal rights, democracy, and, most of all voter rights, can be so inept in guarding the individuals right to a fair and equal vote.

Timeline; South Carolina, December 2011, like many states before it, South Carolina has taken steps to enforce  voter ID guidelines. Simply put, when one goes to vote he or she presents evidence as to who they are and where they live, so that the vote they cast will indeed be a legitimate ballot.

Sounds simple and straightforward, so why has the Department of Justice stepped in to block this decision?

We presently have a system in place, here in N.Y. where you show up, tell the electoral officials your name, you sign your name, and then you cast your vote. Now Tom, Dick and Harry, I’m so ever certain you can indeed see through the failures in this system.
What’s to stop Tom voting for Harry or Harry voting  for Dick?
Absolutely nothing!
Tom knows that Harry doesn’t vote. So he just goes down signs in his name and casts the vote. Perhaps Tom went away Dick goes down and helps out his neighbor even though his neighbor has already cast an absentee ballot.

Let’s take another scenario: A local election district in which you don’t live, you know what, I am invested in their issues.  I think  I can change and affect the outcome of their vote, so you know what …..I’ll vote on those issues.

Laugh as you may, here in NY Congressional district 1 all these scenario’s, plus many more have indeed taken place. So what’s to stop it in the future?
Seems simple to me….enact voter ID legislation.

So why is there such an effort to block this kind of legislation nationwide? Surmise, as you must, that the system, as corrupt as it is, must be working well for some.

Do we as leaders of the free world continue along this path of corruption or do we fix what’s broke?

Personally, put the ink on my fingers and let me be the first to cast my vote. For you see I’d be proud to this,  proud to be casting my vote to preserve the integrity and freedoms granted and protecting me in these great United States of America.

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