Vox’s hater Carlos Maza gets comic Crowder investigated by YouTube


Conservative comedian and commentator Steven Crowder is under investigation by YouTube after vile Vox commentator Carlos Maza, a propagandist, lodged a complaint. He claims Crowder harassed him with homophobic rants.

Beloved conservative comedian Steven Crowder

Maza is very far-far-left and spreads lies and conspiracy theories about right-leaning outlets and personalities.

Crowder defines Maza on his show using the same words Maza uses about himself. Maza said in a video, which was removed today and which centered on his longtime thesis that Republicans are bad people, Maza said, “I’m a queer, tree-hugging atheist with immigrant parents.”

Carlos Maza, a self-described gay Mexican

Maza, the host of Vox’s media literacy series “Strikethrough,” accused Crowder on Twitter this week of “repeated, overt attacks on my sexual orientation and ethnicity.” He said that the pundit has called him “an anchor baby” and “a lispy queer.” He said he is now the subject of harassment.

YouTube said they are looking into it:

Meanwhile, Maza calls for people to assault and humiliate those he dislikes.

The vile Mr. Maza told all his many followers to flag all of Crowder’s videos. He’s also taken to bashing YouTube, claiming they don’t care about LGBT creators. He wants to make certain that Crowder gets taken down by making them cower.

He claims it isn’t about silencing conservatives.


Crowder posted a video in response saying Maza and Vox are trying to get rid of the competition.

“I’m really hoping that YouTube doesn’t capitulate to a multi-hundred-million-dollar corporation who’ve had a long history of advocating corporate censorship,” Crowder said. “I’m hoping YouTube doesn’t cave simply because of political and huge financial pressure.”

“This is not really an example of hate speech or even just offensive speech versus a self-proclaimed queer creator,” he added. “This is an example of a giant, multinational media conglomeration … attempting to squash a competitor.”


Maza put together clips from Crowder’s show as evidence. The key point he isn’t mentioning is that Maza calls himself a Mexican queer, a Mexican gay guy all the time.


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