VP Walks Out on Kneeling 49ers, Lou Dobbs Responds


Vice President Mike Pence and his wife are Colts fans and attended the game Sunday, Colts vs. 49ers. Pence left when twenty-three 49ers knelt for the Anthem. He tweeted about it afterwards. He is being accused of staging it; of being a white supremacist; and being part of the oppressive system. Lou Dobbs had a succinct response and expresses the opinion of many.

Pence has gone to other Colts games and this one was special since it honored Peyton Manning. Perhaps he thought the 49ers would show some semblance of respect. They didn’t.

When the NFL takes a knee, showing the utmost disrespect for the Anthem, the flag, our values, our country, it’s free speech, but when the Vice President uses his free speech, it’s systemic oppression.

Some of the 49ers and journalists are saying it was staged. That’s rich coming from them since they stage everything. The left stages everything in general. If he did stage it, good. Others are calling him a white supremacist.

The best response might be from Lou Dobbs

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