Vulgar Gym Owner Bans Cops, Active Duty Military Since “They’re An Occupying Enemy Army”


An sign outside an East Atlanta Village gym lets the public know in a vulgar way that cops are not allowed to join, USA Today reported. It is offensive to some of the public who have complained.

The owner doesn’t want active duty military either. He said he doesn’t want to make cops stronger so they can hurt people, and it’s not going to become a heterosexual joke space.

The owner, a political activist named Jim Chambers, says they want a safe place for their mostly minority members and activists.

Once you put that uniform on, you’re “an occupying enemy army”, he said.

USA Today asked, “What happens if Chambers or anyone inside the gym needs the police?”

Chambers says they never have, and won’t ever need the help of officers.

Lawyers say because law enforcement officers are not a protected class under the law, only the courts can decide if EAV Barbell Club is violating any anti-discrimination laws.

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