About Those Illegals Who Got Over the New Wall, Not So Fast


A video clip sent around Twitter this week shows some foreign nationals climbing the new wall and succeeding, or at least that’s how it seemed. An agent explains in the next clip that the wall worked exactly as planned. It’s an entire system that works together to alert agents and also give them time to nab the interlopers.



  1. I know where this incident ocurred and everything worked as planned. The Illegal Alien was caught. His only gain was to be deported very tired!

  2. Thanks president Trump for our great wall
    Now lets finish the wall and listn to democrats cry ,they must not be getting thier drugs on a timely manner.
    The cartels may stop paying our democrat congress and senators to keep the BORDER open like our elected OFFICALS may not collect thier monthly
    Cash for stopping the wall BEING built
    Hillary recive 15,000,000 and pelosi recived 7,000,000 to keep BORDER open so the cartels could get thier deadly drugs into AMERICA according to the drug king pin caught and in court in Texas

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