WA Deputy Shot Dead by a Mexican National Here Illegally


Deputy Ryan Thompson

Kittitas County Deputy Ryan Thompson was shot dead and Officer Benito Chavez was injured after illegal alien Flores Del Toro led them on a short car chase after a road rage complaint was called into police, Blue Lives Matter reported.

Del Toro was reportedly driving erratically. He refused to stop when Deputy Thompson directed him to stop. Del Toro then led him on a chase and Officer Chavez joined the chase. The illegal alien ultimately stopped on his own.

Del Toro emerged from his vehicle shooting at the officers, who might not have known he was armed. Deputy Thompson returned fire and both the officer and the alien were mortally wounded. After the shootout, 42-year old Deputy Thompson married and the father of three children, was dead, Del Toro was dead, and Chavez suffered a shattered femur.

Del Toro was on an expired agriculture visa and living in a college town, not a farming community. What is being done about illegal aliens on expired visas?

KIRO7 reports that ICE sent them a statement about the killer’s immigration status.

“Juan Manuel Flores Del Toro, a citizen of Mexico, was unlawfully present in the United States. He entered the U.S. on April 11, 2014, through a Laredo, Texas Land Port of Entry on a Temporary Agricultural Worker (H-2A) visa. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has no record of Flores Del Toro leaving the U.S., nor extending his visa after it expired.”

Deputy Thompson now


Kittitas County Sheriff Gene Dana said that Deputy Thompson’s murder is the “worst incident in my 45-plus years in law enforcement.” The Sheriff called Deputy Thompson one of his finest. He said he had a “great personality” and was “well-liked” by his fellow officers.

He was also “highly motivated, and had “a great future in law enforcement,” the sheriff added.

In addition to his time with the Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Thompson served as a reserve deputy, a corrections officer, and as a campus officer, devoting a total of approximately 15 years to his career as a law enforcement officer.

“He’s impacted the entire sheriff’s office greatly,” Sheriff Dana said, adding, “it’s very very tragic.”

Illegal alien murderer Del Toro

The motive for the illegal alien not stopping and shooting at the officers is unknown.


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