Waaaah! CNN Snowflake Jim Acosta Whines Again


Jim Acosta selfie using dog ears filter. He actually posted this to Instagram.

Jim Acosta, CNN’s fake news reporter assigned to the White House, is whining yet again. He gives the word “petty” a whole new meaning.

His complaint now is that he has not been called on during pressers and he is quite angry about it. This from a man who tweets and writes vile commentary about the President he passes off as news, and he does it almost non-stop.

CNN is the outlet that published an article this week quoting three Marxists claiming 68 million Americans are racists by “default”.

Why should the President take any questions from the vicious anti-Trump media? All they want to do is attack him and then write an article about it.

Acosta even politicized the hurricane, tweeting: Not a good time to take shots at “fake news.” Millions will be relying on national and local news outlets to stay safe during hurricane.

Who watches fake news CNN for their hurricane information anyway? It’s especially true since their prize White House correspondent – Acosta – doesn’t even know that the President has been working with the Governor. Acosta tweeted this: Good morning Mr. President… what is your administration doing about the hurricane to keep Texans safe?

The President has been working on it Jim!

Trump better not fly over Corpus Christi or he will end up being assaulted the way George Bush was.

Acosta is a very conceited man who is known for his selfies which you can see on his Instagram account.

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