Wait Until You Hear What Obama Calls Convicts



Criminals being released from prison are now called “returning citizens” and not hiring criminals is bad for the economy, according to Barack Obama. Obama will pass an executive order to “ban the box” for the most competitive government jobs. The government will not be allowed to use criminal histories to screen job applicants.

He’s going to “ban the box” which prevents government agencies from asking about criminal history until later in the interview process. He will also use taxpayer money to provide “returning citizens” with food, housing, job training, child care, and so on.

We don’t do that for our veterans who served the country – it shows you who he thinks is more important. We also have more than $18 trillion in debt.

The recidivism rate of convicts is two-thirds within three years.

This is his bizarre way of making the criminal justice system “fair” to minorities.

Our government agencies will definitely be filled with criminals. Before this, we weren’t sure if the government was full of felons, but now we will know for sure. We should put them on Obama’s security detail.

He should say he will have some of these people as bodyguards. If they’re good enough for everyone else, they’re good enough for him.

It stands to reason that he’d force this through since criminals are one of the Democrat’s biggest voting blocks.

Obama has orchestrated the release of about 6,000 Federal prisoners but there is talk of releasing tens of thousands. He thinks drug dealers are non-violent criminals.

It’s not that it isn’t a good idea, but for a small number of criminals, not the massive numbers he is talking about. He’s using whatever money he has to put even more Federal bureaucracies in place, more programs, to enshrine this into our government apparatus and it will become a beast that will require more and more money.

Obama said in his weekly address that “I believe we can disrupt the pipeline from underfunded schools to overcrowded jails. I believe we can address the disparities in the application of criminal justice, from arrest rates to sentencing to incarceration.”

He’s delusional.

He passed an executive order in 2012 called the “African American Education Initiative” which creates another bureaucracy to control the education of black children, but not just education – their discipline as well. This new Federal bureaucracy will establish racial quotas for discipline.

There’s a lot of applause in the video. Perhaps he had the Bloods and the Crips in the audience. Remember during the Baltimore riots, one of the city councilmen gave a speech with gang members flanking him on both sides at the podium? He called them “misguided children”. That’s how Obama thinks.

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Herbert R.
7 years ago

Just another phase of Obama’s diabolical scheme to radically transform America to enter a phase of social anarchy and chaos.

Henry DiSanti
Henry DiSanti
7 years ago

Just funny that this program comes before our “returning vets” and their needs. Money can be found for this new program, but money for Social Security and MediCare increases for those who have worked is not available. Criminals live better than our retiree’s. They are provided three meals a day, heated and air conditioned living quarters, health care, recreation and educational programs, while our seniors scrape to pay utility bills, make decisions on to eat or get needed medications.

Clifford E Gammons
Clifford E Gammons
7 years ago
Reply to  Henry DiSanti

I feel that OBAMA is degrading The UNITED STATES of AMERICA, Why would anyone treat criminals Drugies Better than our soldiers that have served our great nation ,to protect us, I ALSO BELIEVE THAT HE WANTS HIS LEGACY TO SHOW HOW HE DESTROED THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

7 years ago

I feel a “special” hiring session coming to hire the ex-cons. This will give an all new meaning to the phrase “I’m from the Government here to help you”.