Wait Until You Hear What This Parkland Student Says


Anthony Borges, 15, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., is a hero. He used his body to shield 20 students from killer Nikolas Cruz.

Anthony was severely wounded, shot five times in his lower extremities.

Before he left the hospital, he gave a press conference. Barely able to speak, with his leg raised on a stool, he put the blame for the tragic events in Parkland where it belonged.

His family is suing Superintendent Runcie and the Broward County coward sheriffs. The Borges family also blames the Promise Program for what happened at Stoneman.

They say Cruz wasn’t part of the Promise Program that allows criminal youth to escape punishment but they acted as if he were.

As Anthony says, it makes no difference. They did nothing about Cruz despite clear warnings, some given only two weeks before the shooting.

The mindset was there.

Deputy Sheriff Peterson even hid outside during the shooting. He could have saved the people on the top floor.

Anthony was released from the hospital Wednesday after suffering wounds to the lungs, abdomen and legs.

The Borges family came here from Venezuela three years ago to escape horrors like this.

Cruz’s own mother told the sheriffs he was threatening to shoot up the school. He abused his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

Weeks before the shooting, both the FBI and the sheriff’s office received calls saying Cruz could become a school shooter but neither took action.

Runcie and Israel “failed us students, teachers and parents alike on so many levels,” Arreaza read for Borges, who sat next to his father, Roger. “I want all of us to move forward to end the environment that allowed people like Nikolas Cruz to fall through the cracks. You knew he was a problem years ago and you did nothing. He should have never been in school with us.”

Borges’ family was the first to announce their intent to sue Broward County officials for money to cover costs of his recovery. More than $800,000 has already been raised for the teenager on a GoFundMe page.


  1. If officials are not held accountable there will be no changes. I still await the Florida AG Pam Bondi to act on her promise to investigate the abuses. If she does not then her name should be added to the list of abusers along with the governor.

  2. I live in Broward close to where the shooting took place. I live in a community that voted for and still support Sheriff Israel (because he has a “D” in front of him). I have been able to come in contact with many who do not support the sheriff and lack of security that has been exposed.
    We’re getting stronger here in the area and “We’re not going to take it anymore”!!!!

  3. What happened to all of those whose lives were destroyed by Nikolas Cruz’s rampage, ALL of the students, teachers, administrators, employees and their families and friends, is horrific. What bothers me more is the lack of taking responsibility for the neglectful actions of the authorities.
    The Borges family is doing what is correct. Hold those accountable for their LACK of action.

  4. It’s about time the blame is aimed. I hope this is only the beginning and a ton more get on this. This has to be opened up on all levels. We have to keep it going even if it is painful. The truth only hurts once.

  5. Here’s a high school student recently from Venezuela that figured out the answer to this problem when most of the others are blaming the NRA, like the fools they are. Those idiots think the NRA called the gun to action, whereafter it unlocked the safe it was in, loaded itself, traveled to the school grounds by itself, and entered the school then started shooting everyone in sight…. all at the direction of Wayne LaPierre… while the FBI and the Broward County Police Dep’t. was ignoring literally dozens of warnings about Cruz….
    HELLO? Anyone out there?

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