Wait Until You See the Plans the Left Has for Your Cars

City bikes are known as junk bikes.
City bikes are known as junk bikes.

The leftists want you out of your cars and on to mass transportation or bikes. It’s part of Agenda 21. As our illustrious leaders fly around in jets and gas guzzling vans, they want us on bikes. New York City, which is run or should I say being ruined by a communist mayor, has experimented with bikes while setting the speed limit to a crawl of 25 miles per hour.

Big Brother New York City has speed cameras everywhere and they are making a fortune off them. Orwell couldn’t have envisioned the city of today.

The leftists are boasting of the success of the bike share program run by the city. Riders took 10 million rides this year! It sounds like a lot, but not so fast.

Citi Bike’s total membership is down 12%, year over year.

Decreasing revenue and eroding customer confidence are hurdles to be cleared, Many of Citi Bike’s problems were detailed in a recent audit by the city comptroller: poor maintenance, buggy software, defective stations and a failure by the system’s operators to regularly inspect all 6,000 bikes and 332 stations.

The first company that ran bike share had to renege on the contract. This year, the rides are up to 10 million from 8.9 million and it’s some kind of record.

When examined, it’s not so great, especially given the confusion and traffic they cause. In 2014, there were 93,184 subscribers which is only a little over 1 percent of the population of 8 million.

With 10 million rides, each of the 6,000 bikes is being ridden about four-and-a-half times a day. That’s just enough to block traffic and do absolutely nothing for the climate and pollution.


Ironically, this is being sold as a means of curbing car traffic and increasing physical activity among residents. The first is a lie and the second is backed by no facts whatsoever.

It’s a horror to drive in which is what the arrogant Mayor de Blasio wants of course. The foreigners who drive the cabs complain bitterly about the traffic – they didn’t leave their home countries for this.

Nearly every street corner has construction with separate lanes for buses and bikes on already overcrowded streets. It’s a mess.

De Blasio doesn’t care that it’s a misery to get around the city because he concentrates on important things like eliminating the quaint horse and carriage rides.

De Blasio wants zero car fatalities and the only way to do that is to get rid of cars.

The latest from the left of New York City is to handle the congestion by charging cars for taking up space on the roads. We can’t have free roads, they say.

Others, who have something to gain, want to ban personal cars altogether.

“Private vehicles coming into Manhattan is insanity,” said Steve McLoughlin, an organizer with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers District 15, a union for black car drivers. “I don’t think that Manhattan can handle much more than the professional drivers, than the trucks that are necessary to supply our businesses, and the first responders.”

How does a city of 8 million people allow this to happen?

Usually the homeless are lying around the terminals and on the streets but they were all missing when the Pope visited. It was miraculous. Perhaps de Blasio should give the Pope a monthly invitation because that seems to be the solution for the homeless situation.

This is the environmentally sensitive urban living the left expects us to embrace.




  1. Does anyone ever ask why it is that we have a “Department of Housing and Urban Development”? Where in the Constitution does it say the federal government shall, or even may, concern itself with housing ? And ‘urban development’? Why not “sub’ urban development, or, better yet, “small town” development?

    We don’t ask because the feds over the last hundred years have insinuated themselves into every iota of our lives. It is a remarkable thing. The reason urban areas must be developed, and people must be transported en masse, is……control.

  2. De Blasio wants zero car fatalities and the only way to do that is to get rid of cars.

    It seems to me that de Blasio’s Vision Zero program for which no one asked and everyone despises may actually result in increased fatalities and accidents rather than less but until someone ferrets through all of the fuzzy math and misinformation, we may never know.

    As for Citibikes, if I wanted to ride a bike, it would not be one owned by the City of New York. The complaints from payment, service to usage are endless.

    Back to Vision Zero, a nightmare and a failure. How does one install bike lanes on narrow one and two-lane streets that has parking on “both sides?” Not only are pedestrians in danger but bikers and drivers.

    This is about control, power over the masses and fleeces the pockets of the people who live in the city. Oh and let us not forget the doubling down of mass congestion that existed long before Vision Zero.

    The only people who are happy are de Blasio’s contractors and collective bargaining. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  3. Transportation Alternatives and Families for Safe Streets are organized. It’s time for driver’s to organize and fight these extremists. I’m worried about the kind of world they want everyone to live in.

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