#WalkAway Uniting Americans Against Democrat Insanity, One Hashtag at a Time


If you haven’t heard about the #WalkAway campaign, you might want to check it out on Twitter. Someone who goes by the name @dawnzoc commented about it on this website. When we checked it out this weekend, we found it gets thousands of retweets in a day.

The Democrats leaning hard-left and acting like unhinged lunatics, spreading hate aren’t helping their cause.

It was kicked off by a gay man describing his frustration with the Democratic Party and the inane liberal platform of “suppressing free speech, creating false narratives, and apathetically steamrolling over the truth”. He added, “I reject hate.”

The man, Brandon Straka, walked away from the Democratic Party and has become the new “silent minority” of Americans.

The reasons he became a liberal are the same reasons he is now walking away.

Straka published his original #WalkAway video on May 26, and since then, his life has changed greatly.

The hashtag is attracting all the identity groups who are normally loyalists to the now somewhat fascist, hard-left Democrat Party. The party is not very liberal any longer. We don’t have a Democart Party and a Republican Party. We have a globalist, hard-left party and a Nationalist party.

The people curently walking away destroy the stereotype! They are members of Democrat identity groups.

Find new friends with differing opinions at this hashtag.

Watch, this man has a lot of charisma and he’s very good looking:

Actor and conservative firebrand James Woods is using the hashtag to tweet about any number of absurd Democrat misstatements as are others. Check a few of them out.

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