Walking Tour of Dick Durbin’s “S***hole” of Forgotten People


A heavily armed Mrs. Peggy Hubbard conducted a walking tour of downtown East St. Louis, Dick Durbin’s district, suffering from urban decay and scandals. It has been under Democrat rule for thirty years.

This is what leads to the despair in our inner cities.

East St. Louis was once beautiful filled with department stores, drugstores, movie houses, reputable clubs and banks you could enter.

Dick Durbin’s hometown of East St. Louis, Illinois is no longer bustling with businesses and buildings are dilapidated, it has been racked with corruption, after 30 years of Democrat rule.

There are holes in the streets, garbage piled up, it’s not a racial thing, it’s economic, it’s Dick Durbin’s “s***hole”.

There are no shelters and hypodermic needles can be seen in the buildings. You can’t go into the banks and have to conduct transactions outside the banks.

The taxes in East St. Louis are 30% higher than in the suburbs and the people are poor. This is where the forgotten people live.

Peggy A. Hubbard

On Periscope, Mrs. Hubbard describes herself as “Born in raised in St Louis City by a strong single mother and grandma. Raised in the chruch. Attended public schools. Navy Vet, wife and mother”.

From my perspective, no more people here illegally until we help our citizens who live like this.

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