Wallacy Prison Taken Over by Illegal Alien Inmates With Pipes


All but 800 of the nearly 3,000 prisoners tore through the Wallacy prison in Texas on Friday, almost running it over, using pipes and setting fires. Most of the rioters were illegals.

The prison predominantly holds  immigration detainees and many have serious criminal records.

These are the people Barack Obama will soon have released on our streets.

prison riot

The riot erupted on Friday afternoon, when prisoners refused to eat breakfast or report for work to protest medical services at the facility.

Several agencies are involved in negotiations and the prison is calm at the moment. However, the facility is uninhabitable.

According to Management & Training Corp (MTC), on Friday inmates “breached” their barracks and reached the recreation yard, setting fire inside three of the prison’s housing units.

massive riot

MTC is a private company that is under contract with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP).

“Correctional officers used non-lethal force, tear gas, to attempt to control the unruly offenders,” spokesman Issa Arnita said in a statement.

The leftist ACLU claims the prison is overcrowded and unclean. They are probably the ones revving them up, telling them they are entitled and no one can do a thing to them.