Walmart, Others Sell Domestic Terrorist Shirts for the Well-Dressed Antifa


New Jersey FBI considers members of Antifa to be domestic terrorists and the new FBI Director Christopher Wray is looking into Antifa members as domestic terrorists. In April 2016, the FBI warned Barack Obama that Antifa was a terrorist group. Antifa also admits to seeking peace through violence and believes in silencing the opposition.

Antifa describes themselves as Anarcho-Communists.

That hasn’t stopped the media from promoting them. The NY Times just published an article in Style glorifying their dress in an article titled, “What to wear to smash the state”.

On that note, eBay, Walmart, Amazon and others are selling clothes to support these modern-day Nazis.


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Phil Dennis
Phil Dennis
4 years ago

Are they also going to sell the body bags (when they step too far over the line) to the true Americans that will have to clean up their mess?