Wannabe President Cory Booker Is a Petty Lying Opportunist


Cory Booker squinting, thinking of how to lie when asked a question.
Cory Booker squinting, thinking of how to lie when asked a question.

In an unprecedented move, the petty, lying, opportunist Senator Cory Booker testified against his colleague Jeff Sessions with an ad hominem attack. He suggested he was a racist, presenting zero evidence.

Cory’s History as a Major Liar

The National Review published a story about the serpentine Senator Booker on Tuesday.

As they reported, Cory Booker’s stump speeches over the years, which were more dramatic and heart-rending than most, used as a central character, a figment of his imagination. Booker talked about him “in highly emotional terms and in great detail” to quote National Review.

In Booker’s mind, according to the city councilman, “It’s not so much the details of the story” that matter… “if Cory had to tell a story or two and mix details up for Newark to get the funding for it…[then it’s worth it]”…


Booker said his character, T-Bone, was a “composite” of several people he’d met while living in Newark.

Stick to Inventing People Cory

Instead of testifying against Senator Jeff Sessions perhaps Cory Booker should just stick to making people up.

Indeed, the lying opportunist was happy to work with Sessions by his own prior statements which were flourished with high praise for Sessions.

False Testimony in 1986

Much has been made of testimony against Sessions in 1986.

Thomas Figures, an assistant U.S. attorney whose accusations of racial bias torpedoed Sen. Jeff Sessions’ nomination to the federal bench in 1986, had a history of erratic and disturbed behavior, colleagues and estranged family say.

New sworn statements obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation given by former colleagues allege Figures, who died in 2015, was a paranoid figure who, among other things, believed CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather was communicating with him through his television. An office loner with a flair for confrontation, Figures was later indicted by federal authorities for attempting to bribe a witness.

He’s a liar like Booker.

False Testimony 2017

The next clips include the attacks made today by Booker.

The Congressional Black Caucus, filled with communists and socialists, sent Civil Rights icon John Lewis to lodge his ad hominem attacks but we give him a pass. He truly is a hero of the 1960s and no one should have to go through what he went through and for the absurd reason that his skin is darker. There was testimony from another member of the CBC but his attack was a politically expedient personal attack.

Everyone should feel badly for John Lewis. He has suffered too much, but it’s not 1965 and Sessions is no racist. It’s a terrible false accusation.

Listen to What A Person Who Actually Worked With Him Thinks

Two men who actually worked with Jeff Sessions and who actually know him well said something quite different. One supporter can be heard in the next clip.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
6 years ago

Why are we surprised? When he was mayor of Newark, Booker pretty much did to that city what he tried to do to Sen. Sessions today….if you know what I mean.

6 years ago

The only thing Booker has against Sessions is that he is a white man from the south.

6 years ago

Huh. Wonder what the Congressional White Caucus thinks about this…..oh, wait…..

6 years ago

“T-Bone?” Booker is corrupt, a liar and has his sights set on 2024, if not 2020. He was playing to the crowd, his future and for the sake of those fundraising emails he’s dispatching at this moment.
A fictitious character named “T-Bone” and no one took offense? Democratic voters are indeed stupid.