WaPo Bemoans Plight of Illegal Immigrants Afraid to Collect Food Stamps


A Washington Post article claims “Immigrants are going hungry so Trump won’t deport them”. Notice how they say “immigrants” and not “illegal immigrants”. Only illegal immigrants worry about deportation. Many of us believe illegal immigrants should not be allowed to benefit from food stamps, even indirectly. People here illegally are not allowed to collect for themselves but they can benefit from them if people within their family unit are here legally.

If they have a child born here, they collect for the child. The get tax credits also.

There’s reportedly a great deal of fraud in the food stamp/SNAP program which includes ineligible people acquiring EBT cards, sometimes cashing them in.

As a sidenote, Trump is currently deporting illegal alien felons, not all illegal aliens.

People can travel here but they shouldn’t be collecting our benefits. We are $20 trillion in debt with many of our own citizens in need.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in general frequently conflate immigration and illegal immigration.

In June of 2014, Pelosi said Central Americans, South Americans, Mexicans are all Americans.

It was in reference to not deporting unaccompanied minors.

“We are all Americans — north and south in this hemisphere,” and urged America to see this as not a crisis but an opportunity “to be helpful.” She also said she wished she could simply “take home” the thousands of children temporarily housed in the overburden facilities.

She is a low-IQ liar. Maybe she should take them into one of her many mansions.

Being involved in mystery writers groups, I’ve had writers tell me Americans are arrogant for calling themselves Americans when the entire hemisphere of people are Americans.

It is hard to call oneself a United Statesian and the entire point is PC nonsense.

The question WaPo put before us is are all Americans the same as people rightfully in the United States and are they entitled to the same benefits? Some believe they have more rights than citizens and it shows in programs like food stamps.

A report by The Center for Immigration Studies last year revealed that the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) “provides benefits to families with an illegal alien (or other ineligible alien) wage earner in it, while denying benefits to an identical family comprised of only U.S. citizens.”

The press release announcing the report states: “Although two families may be identical in terms of income and family size, states have the option of including only part of the wages of an employed ineligible alien when calculating SNAP eligibility.”

“Those states which do not count all the income of the ineligible aliens make it easier for a family with an illegal alien present to qualify for food stamps than for an identical all-citizen family,” says the statement.

“Ineligible aliens, in the food stamp program, are primarily illegal aliens and those green card holders who have been in that status for less than five years,” the press release stated.

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