WaPo Columnist Wants Kellyanne, Trump Officials Taken Off the Air


Washington Post (WaPo) media columnist Margaret Sullivan in a new column calls on the media to change the way it reports on the Trump administration and to ban White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway and other officials from the airwaves, according to The Hill.

The little fascist wrote that it’s a “shame to give liars a megaphone.”

Sullivan continued that it’s well past time for the “mainstream media to enter the No Kellyanne Zone.”

[Who is she to decide Kellyanne is lying? WaPo’s staff includes many liars.]

“And that goes far beyond banning her, or any particular adviser, from cable interview shows,” her column states further.

Sullivan rants about “both sides” journalism in her article. She claims statements from Trump and his “deceptive surrogates” are taken at face value.

This woman — literally – wants one side given. Sullivan says her side — opinion — is the truth. She says we must remove Kellyanne Conway and other Trump staff from the airwaves.

Such is the state of the media today. If you disagree with these people or make a mistake, you are a liar. You are removed from the public square if deemed a liar by the all-powerful media. They will decide what you are allowed to see and hear.


  1. When those on the Right don’t agree or like something they see or hear on radio, they change the station. When Lefties see or hear something they don’t like, they want it removed from the air. Big difference in a nutshell.

  2. And to think, trees actually died in order for this insipid, vain, pathetic excuse of what passes for a “journalist” to spew out her stupidity.

  3. ” there’s no ‘both sides’ to the truth”
    Well, yes and no. There is: your story (truth); my story (truth) and the truth, which most often lies between.. If it were otherwise, no one charged with a crime would be found not guilty.

  4. By wopo I’m guessing that you mean the Washington Post. In consideration of this article, pointing out all the liars. Reminds me that it was the WoPo that ratted out Richard Nixon. If they are liars now then they were liars then. And tricky dick may have been innocent after all.

    • My extended family of over ,1000 residents in the Wash, D.C. Metro area used to read the Washington Post but now because of facists like Margaret Sullivan we now only use the WASHINGTON POST for back-up TOILET PAPER.

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