WaPo falsely claims Trump will pardon aides who break the law over the wall


The Washington Post has published an article claiming that, in an “all-out” effort to build the wall before the election, Trump has promised to pardon his aides if they get in any trouble.

The Washington Post published the absurd story about President Trump, who they say is so eager to complete hundreds of miles of border fence by 2020 that he told his aides to rush it and he’d protect them from the law.

They are allegedly supposed to seize private land and ignore environmental rules, some ‘officials’ involved with the project said.

Subordinates are worried but he’ll pardon them, according to the report that sounds very false on the face of it.

Trump holds regular White House meetings to get updates and to rush the project. He waves off concerns of illegalities and tells them to “take the land” where they have to.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pardon you,” he has told officials in meetings about the wall. “He said people expected him to build a wall, and it had to be done by the election,” one former official said.

Asked for comment, a White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told WaPo that Trump is joking when he makes such statements about pardons.

That sounds more like it.

Deputy White House press secretary Hogan Gidley said Tuesday that the president is protecting the country with the addition of new border barriers.

“Donald Trump promised to secure our border with sane, rational immigration policies to make American communities safer, and that’s happening everywhere the wall is being built,” Gidley said.

He called internal criticisms of the president “just more fabrications by people who hate the fact the status quo, that has crippled this country for decades, is finally changing as President Trump is moving quicker than anyone in history to build the wall, secure the border and enact the very immigration policies the American people voted for.”

“President Trump is fighting aggressively for the American people where other leaders in the past have rolled over, sold out, and done absolutely nothing,” he said.

The President responded on Twitter. About pardoning aides after they break the law, he said it is fake news.

The story claimed the President didn’t see the wall as that important. That is false and the President said so.

The President is exposing the fake news media and the more they are exposed, the more corrupt they seem to get.

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Jules P Guidry
Jules P Guidry
4 years ago

Hey! Come on now. Its the WAPO! Talk about the epitome of “fake news”, only matched by the NY Times.
I wouldn’t even accept their classified sections as being accurate. If either one didn’t have the Amazon cash to rely on they’d be out of business by now.