WaPo: Planned Parenthood Shooter Survived Because of White Privilege


Mainstream media outlets no longer feel the need to pretend they care about victims. Finding out how the hospitalized victims are faring is a feat because the media is almost silent on them. They are, however, boisterously blaming conservatives, Christians and now whites for John L. Dear who just murdered three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic and wounded nine others.

Peter Holley, an author at WaPo (Washington Post), wrote in an article Saturday that John L Dear was taken alive because of his white privilege. He also claimed white terrorism is more of a problem than radical Islamic terrorism.

The title of the article is, Did ‘whiteness’ save the life of the alleged Planned Parenthood shooter?

His article isn’t worth too much repeating but it basically begins by saying the mass killer Dylan Roof was given a hamburger by police, Timothy McVeigh and James Holmes were taken alive, but Tamir Rice, John Crawford III, and Laquan McDonald were quickly shot. It was because they are white, the author deducts with the faultiest, most illogical reasoning ever.

Four white mass killers are taken alive by police. Three black men are killed by police. Therefore, whites survive because they are white.

Holley then suggests whites are bigger terrorists than Islamic extremists and refers to twitter users who claim it’s so.

“Using the hashtag #WhiteTerrorism, the tweets argue that attacks by right-wing groups in America account for a greater share of violence and domestic terrorism than attacks by Muslim extremists,” Holley wrote.

He quotes the Global Post in his article stating that nearly twice as many people have died at the hands of right-wing terrorists than radical Muslim terrorists.

For one thing, proportionately, that’s not accurate. There are far more whites than Muslims, but the Global Post calls every terrorist a right-winger, even the one who loved The Communist Manifesto.

The author then goes on to quote from the hate group, Southern Poverty Law Center.

“Mark Potok, senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, told CNN that some estimate the number of people “involved in some way with sovereign citizen extremism” as high 300,000 people, with around 100,000 people forming the heart of the movement.”

His little excerpt obfuscates reality.

The FBI’s report on dangerous right-wing terrorists puts Sovereign Citizens at the top of the domestic terrorist list. They are loosely-connected gangs of criminals, robbers, and cop haters who look more like a mix of Ferguson and Occupier anarchists than they do right-wing extremists.

Sovereign Citizens took center stage in a newly-released DHS report, suspiciously timed with Obama’s summit on non-Islamic extremism in February. All the left-leaning media outlets drummed it up at the time, pushing radical Islam off the front pages.

Left-leaning media falsely claimed the Sovereign Citizens were behind the Bundy Ranch episode. It turned out to be completely untrue though there were no apologies to the Bundys.

If you go to the Sovereign Citizens website, you might be surprised to see that their values lean pretty far left on many issues.

Like the Occupiers, they want sustainability and no wars.


They hate corporations like the Occupiers.


They have a video on their website which declares they must be free of the state and of ownership – freedom metastasizes the cancer of the state, a society without political rulers, without ownership, without the state.

The left-wing media is trying to pin some of this ideology on Libertarianism.

The “sovereign citizen movement,” according to researchers, embraces an ideology that doesn’t always fit with right-wing movements.

How about it almost never does.

It’s not really an ideology so much as they are anarchist gangs. They are not racist or anti-Semitic, they include many minorities in their numbers, and they are very dangerous. That doesn’t mean radical Islamists aren’t also dangerous. It doesn’t mean whites are dangerous because they are white.

White privilege has gotten well out of hand. It’s racism against whites and it is being driven by white leftists. Whites have to start speaking out and defending themselves against the likes of Peter Holley.