WaPo Posts More Evidence from a Moore Accuser – He Wished Her Well in a Card


All the polls show Roy Moore in the lead except for The Washington Post (WaPo) poll.

WaPo was busy today posting more detailed “proof” from one of Moore’s accusers. Expect the media to drum roll them out from now until Tuesday.

Today’s Moore accuser is the one who showed up as a signer at any number of Democrat events, including Hillary Clinton’s. There are photos of her hugging Biden. She just happened to be going through Christmas decorations when she came across a graduation card Moore gave her decades ago.

What a fortunate coincidence.

It was a “Those Who Inspire” card. The notation read: “Happy graduation Debbie,” it read. “I wanted to give you this card myself. I know that you’ll be a success in anything you do. Roy.”

Oh, well, that cinches it. He’s guilty of wishing her well. WaPo wants you all to believe it’s further evidence. She was a high school graduate by the way, not elementary school.

Bezos’s WaPo is the fake newspaper that reported President Trump molested women and it’s the same paper that reported Moore has a history as well.

Moore has made an amazing comeback given the left’s massive push to obliterate him but his opponent is a far-left guy. People aren’t buying the left’s lies any longer.

All of these attacks lead to President Trump in the end. The media has already begun. One of the Trump accusers was on TV Monday and all of this is to take away from his success with the tax reform package.

Assaults will get much worse in 2018.

While Roy Moore is ahead, it’s within the margin of error, but today, President Trump endorsed him. Also, Steve Bannon will be campaigning for him this week.

Meanwhile CNN is also going all out to destroy Moore and make anyone who votes for him or supports him feel immoral. It’s an Alinsky tactic.

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