WaPo Reporter Says “Walls Make No Sense”, Americans Want Illegals


A Washington Post correspondent claims that “walls make no sense” and Americans “want a lot of these people to come across the border.”

She’s wrong on both counts.

This woman, Mary Jordan, had the gall to say that asking for a wall is pure politics as thousands flood through our borders each week.

“Do you think the President understands the impact of this partial government shutdown? I mean, we’re hearing from people it really does affect,” host Martha Raddatz asked Jordan.

Are we supposed to believe they care about people out of work? They don’t care about them when Democrats close the government. These are the people who want terrorists and drug cartels to come into the country unhampered and then want sanctuaries to protect them once they get here.

“What people are saying are ‘stop it, just stop the political game’.  This is all about politics. It’s really not about the wall,” she said.

“It’s silly to blame the Democrats about this,” Jordan continued. “So, it’s really not about the wall. And it’s silly to blame the Democrats about this. It’s really a deflection…”

Yes, how “silly”. Democrats won’t secure the border while anonymous foreigners from all over the world flood in so why would we blame them?

“For one thing, we want a lot of these people to come across the border. We need them in nursing homes. We need these jobs,” she added. “Do the hard thing. Figure out how to get visas for people who can come over and work. Toughen the border where we need it and stop talking about $5 billion on a concrete wall that makes no sense.”

Who really believes walls don’t work? Besides, no one is building a 2,000-mile wall, but the media finds the lie very useful. In some areas, there will be walls. Who believes Americans want all these potential criminals and terrorists marching into the country depressing wages and changing our culture?

“Regular people are like, ‘come on, stop it. Do the hard thing. Fix immigration,’” she told ABC’s chief foreign affairs correspondent.

Her idea of fixing immigration is “toughen the border” without any walls and get the illegals visas to work here.

The problem isn’t all about Mexico as she suggests in the segment. We have people coming in from a lot of dangerous places.

Watch the moonbats:

The two buffoons have no clue about what is going on at the border.

San Diego Deputy Patrol Chief Roy Villareal does. He explained on Fox & Friends Monday morning that in his decades on the force, he has never seen anything like this. There are more people from all over the world crossing the border illegally.

Agent Villareal also addressed the wall — which he said works — and the claim that walls are racist.

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