WaPo Reports Cause of Andrew McCabe’s ‘Removal’


On Monday, Christopher Wray confronted Andrew McCabe. Before the meeting was over, McCabe had resigned. This came within 12 hours of Wray’s review of the FISA abuse memo. Also, immediately before the removal of McCabe, Inspector General (IG) Horowitz informed FBI Director Wray there were “significant findings” in his probe concerning McCabe.

The IG is investigating the FBI handling of the Clinton email scandal.

Whatever he learned, it led Wray to tell McCabe, accept a demotion or leave. He chose to leave.

WaPo might have the answer as to why. They report that McCabe is being investigated for possibly stonewalling the Hillary email probe.

Stonewalling Clinton Case

The Washington Post reports that the Inspector General Michael Horowitz wants to know why the FBI leadership did not move forward on the examination of emails found on the laptop of former congressman Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) until late October — about three weeks after first being alerted to the issue.

This information is based on the usual anonymous sources.

The question is whether McCabe or others deliberately avoided taking action on Weiner’s laptop in the hope of delaying until after the election. Some law enforcement say the issue appeared to die on McCabe’s desk.

There were 18 classified emails on pedophile Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

WaPo is predicting Andy McCabe might be more of a problem to Trump outside the Bureau.

The newspaper knows nothing, they just want to get it out there. McCabe will be lucky to stay out of trouble. He should go away quietly and live off his fat pension.

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