WaPo says McConnell & Trump Are Anxious to Pass Gun Control Laws


According to The Washington Post, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday he spoke to President Trump about the Senate working on legislation to tighten the nation’s gun laws after the August recess. They are allegedly feeling the pressure and Trump wants to get something done.

They are discussing expanding background checks on gun purchases and passing “red-flag” laws, which would allow authorities to confiscate a firearm from someone deemed a risk to themselves or the public.

“Those are two items that will be front and center as we see what we can come together on and pass,” McConnell said.

Red flag laws ignore due process. If they can take due process away from one amendment, they can take if from all. If they take down the Second Amendment, they can take down all the amendments. In fact, they will all fall.

As far as expanded background checks, the bills have been much more than checks. They require a universal registry. From there, they can confiscate.

“It’s always a challenge in making federal legislation, because we do have a lot of differences in our country over an issue like this,” he said. “I mean, how people in South Dakota, for example, feel about this issue would be dramatically different from how they feel about it in Boston.”

That’s why the Federal government should stay out of it. Let the states do what they want.

Democrats have been pushing for McConnell to bring the Senate back to pass laws. They are pressuring the President to do the same. Pelosi sent a letter to that effect.

It’s just a political stunt.

McConnell said he won’t bring up anything that Trump doesn’t support but he said Trump is “anxious to get an outcome.”

“And so am I,” McConnell said. “And I believe the Democrats will have to just admit that it’s better to get a result than just engage in this sort of endless point-scoring that has the tendency to occur after one of these awful, awful incidents.”

Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the NRA is opposed to any law that infringes on the Second Amendment and our inherent rights.

“But I can confirm that the NRA opposes any legislation that unfairly infringes upon the rights of law-abiding citizens,” he said. “The inconvenient truth is this: the proposals being discussed by many would not have prevented the horrific tragedies in El Paso and Dayton. Worse, they would make millions of law abiding Americans less safe and less able to defend themselves and their loved ones.”

LaPierre continued: “The NRA will work in good faith to pursue real solutions to the epidemic of violence in America. But many proposals are nothing more than ‘sound bite solutions’ — which fail to address the root of the problem, confront criminal behavior, or make our communities safer.”

They are talking of resurrecting the Manchin-Toomey bill but that is a Trojan horse.

Sens. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) have said they are working on a red-flag bill that would offer federal grants and other incentives for states to develop laws implementing emergency risk protection orders. Blumenthal is awful. he is incapable of coming up with anything decent. Graham probably is too.

McConnell said something has to be passed.

“What we can’t do is fail to pass something, you know, by just locking up and failing to pass — that’s unacceptable,” McConnell said. “What I want to see here is an outcome, not a bunch of partisan back-and-forth, these shots across the bow.”


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