WaPo’s Twisted Truth: Trump’s All-Out War Against House Dem Probes


A dishonest headline of a Washington Post story is titled,“Trump and his allies are blocking more than 20 separate Democratic probes in an all-out war with Congress.” The article describes the ongoing confrontations between the White House and the House Democrats over the never-ending investigations by reversing the role of antagonists.

The article states that President Trump “is blocking more than 20 separate Democratic inquiries.” According to the Post, this “amount[s] to what many experts call the most expansive White House obstruction effort in decades.

It’s wholly dishonest.

Just as they are citing Attorney General Bill Barr for contempt for not breaking the law over  not releasing a few lines of text in the Mueller report he by law can’t release, they are making illegal and unreasonable demands of the White House.

“There are rules and norms governing congressional oversight of the executive branch, and the Democrats simply refuse to abide by them,” said deputy White House press secretary Steven Groves. “Democrats are demanding documents they know they have no legal right to see — including confidential communications between the president and foreign leaders and grand jury information that cannot be disclosed under the law. This White House will not and cannot comply with unlawful demands made by increasingly unhinged and politically-motivated Democrats.”

The article claims Attorney General Bill Barr “has blocked Justice Department official John Gore from appearing for subpoenaed testimony on the addition of a citizenship question on the 2020 Census.” That’s not accurate. Barr only insists he have a lawyer with him as Gore requested. Democrats refuse to allow any White House lawyers although every Democrat or everyone in the previous Democrat administration who was under scrutiny has had a White House or agency lawyer and still does. It is a reasonable request.

The House Democrats have launched 20 investigations of the president after Mueller’s report and Bill Barr’s conclusions determined the President did not commit a crime. They now want to investigate to destroy him or impeach.

They are even investigating his personal financial records and those of his family without evidence of a crime.

It is the Democrats in the House who have waged an all out war to make certain the President does not win election in 2020.

Everyone can keep their civil rights until Democrats say you can’t. Democrats sponsored a bill to take the President’s right to a statute of limitations under the false premise that a President can’t be indicted while in office. The fact is he was not found guilty of a crime.

The House Democrats have waged a war of the most expansive investigations against a President in U.S. history, and they are doing it without cause.

The President’s resistance, his defensiveness, is a natural outcome and an appropriate one. Any fair person can see the House is acting unjustly.

They surprisingly quote Lindsey Graham, “Oversight’s one thing. Revenge is another.” It is more than revenge. They are opposed to anyone and anything that will limit their leftist agenda.

The House Democrats want to keep their far-left constituency from unraveling and staying home in 2020. They have adopted the most extreme left elements and they want to keep them.

The President will no longer be bullied.

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