War on Terror Is Over! Yea!


Obama oblivious

Photo of Barack Obama denying terrorism

In the face of global jihad and in the face of terrorist attacks here and in London, President Barack Obama wants to end the “war on terror” as he said in his speech two days ago. He wants the repeal the 2001 law, the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), which essentially provides the legal basis for the war on terror.

Obama wants to limit the drone attacks to only imminent threats to the US, not even imminent threats to our allies.

He wants GITMO closed, despite having spent millions making it a state of the art facility. Obama wants to send some prisoners from GITMO to their homelands such as Yemen where prisons are made of paper.

Senator Saxby Chambliss said to constituents on friday, “We have 166 prisoners remaining (at Guantanamo) … the meanest, nastiest people in the world. They wake up every day seeking to do harm to America and Americans. And if they are released, that’s exactly what they are going to do.”

Lindsey Graham and John McCain said they would back closing GITMO if the President had a workable plan. In the past, Obama has said he wants to put the terrorists in assorted US prisons and put them on trial at taxpayer expense.

The weak message this will send to our allies and our enemies alike goes without saying.

Obama wants to see an end to the “boundless global war on terror” now that we have al Qaeda “on the run.”

The US can’t go into country after country and fight wars but the US does need to have a presence in countries where al Qaeda is taking hold to deal with threats to our interests abroad. We will be fighting them on the homeland if we let them run amok abroad.

Al Qaeda is certainly not “on the run.” It has grown stronger since Obama took office and its reach extends throughout the world.

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