War on Women: Obama Allows Iran to Head Human Rights Commission on the Status of Women



President Obama has succeeded in legitimizing a nation that promotes terror throughout the world – Iran. Iran is now a country that does business with the world thanks to the U.S. The U.S. has systematically released billions of dollars in funds to the Iranians in exchange for a nonexistent peace deal, one in which they can continue their nuclear enrichment program and remain within weeks of having a nuclear bomb. Thanks to this in part, Iran has now secured its position on the powerful United Nations Economic and Social Council this week, with seats on five sub-committees. Most alarming is their appointment to the Commission on the Status of Women, which would give the nation influence over global women’s rights.

It’s outrageous.

The United States could have stopped it but instead they absented themselves from the vote. If they had attended voiced an objection, this would not have happened.

UN Ambassador Samantha Power voiced her objections after the fact when it was meaningless.

President Obama has consistently restored the power of Iran in the world and now he is going to let them have worldwide power over women. This is the real war on women.

The UN Human Rights Watch released a report last month criticizing Iran for what they describes as substantive concerns about “imprisoning women’s rights activists,” refusing them “positions” in “politics”, and permitting “gender discrimination” and promoting “violence against women”.

According to the report, “Iran has the lowest female representation in the labour forces and the lowest estimated female income in the region.” “The Civil Code of the Islamic Republic of Iran provides for the marriage of girls at age 13. However, with the permission of a competent court, girls can be married at the age of nine.”

Children can be married to their legal guardians in Iran.

The report cites “the revised Islamic Penal Code, which… values women’s testimony in a court of law as half that of a man’s, and a woman’s life half that of a man’s.”

Women are still executed for adultery and are almost always punished for being raped.

The Iranian “government does not recognize marriages between illegal migrants and Iranians, many children born out of such marriages do not possess a birth certificate and are deprived of educational opportunities and health care. Women married to illegal migrants also cannot transfer nationality or citizenship to their husbands or children.”

There are “restrictions on access to university education, including bans on female and male enrollment, limited quotas for women in certain fields, as well as gender segregation in classrooms and facilities.”

There is high unemployment among women and youth.

Iran has refused to cooperate on many of the issues presented by the Secretary General.

Iran executed 270 people last year and engages in torture, mutilations, and so on.

President Hasan Rouhani has been calling for equal rights for women but in his 100 days in office, he has done nothing to give rights to women.  When Rouhani came to power in 2012, he stepped up the executions and continued the imprisonment of political prisoners, including women.

This all could have been stopped by President Obama who refused to do so.

This is the war on women.



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