Warn Every Mother’s Son-Dem Demagogues & GOP Quislings Are Nixing His Due Process Rights


President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court has exposed a number of extremely ominous and dangerous fault lines genuinely threatening our Republic.

First, we’ve seen Senate Democrat demagogues, absolutely shred precedent, rules, and perhaps even laws in a soulless effort to destroy the life and family of a man previously investigated 6 times by the FBI.  Each of those tough inquiries found Brett Kavanaugh to be squeaky clean.
Second, this vile attack, lacking anything close to corroborating evidence, has grotesquely turned into call to end a fundamental, century’s old principle in our system of justice;  the presumption of innocence. 

Democrats now contend, without proof, an accusation of sexual assault against a man by a woman, is good enough for them.  That actually replays a policy they enforced while controlling the slave-holding, then segregated South. 

Back then all it took was the claim of a white woman against a black man to get him a trip to the gallows.  

Third, we have certain members of the Republican Party, beginning to “lean Quisling”,who, despite having a front row seat to every disgusting, dishonorable, immoral, vicious, and perhaps illegal Democrat ruse, think they can do business with this enemy. 

These senators either remain deliberately ignorant, or have become bullied and made fearful of the Dem inspired mob. In Sen. Jeff Flake’s case, all it took was a couple of Soros activist women yelling at him. Shortly after, they could be seen celebrating with a selfie pic, essentially “spiking the football” at Flakes befuddled feet.     

Demagogues are politicians who transform themselves into leaders of a mob; with the goal of shutting down reasoned deliberation. Broadly speaking, quisling is a term used to describe someone who collaborates with the enemy. Throughout history, the pairing of these two in the body politic spells doom for jurisprudence and the rights of individuals who have fallen out of favor with the frenzied hordes.  

In this case Kimberley A. Strassel cites the stakes in very powerful terms. “To vote against Judge Kavanaugh now is to overthrow due process. …. It is central to employee discipline, professional standards of conduct, even evictions of tenants. …. Under due process, the accuser has the burden of proof.  

Ford has not met the evidentiary standard even of a civil proceeding, the preponderance of evidence-yet this case is is more significant than any that has been dealt with in a court of law for ages.”

She continued, if the Senate votes “No” on Judge Kavanugh, “It is an authorization to derail the life of any white-collar manager or blue-collar crew boss who is ever subject to a single uncorroborated allegation.”  In other words this unholy man-shaming precedent won’t confine itself to Brett Kavanaugh.  

This should serve as a warning to every loving mother, that a single unverifiable accusation against her son could ruin both him and his family.  Moms need to wake up to this menace, and make their voices heard before it’s too late.  Belatedly railing against the Democrat demagogues, and quisling Republicans who caused your heartache will ease the pain, neither for you, or your victimized son.  

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