Warning to U.N. Human Rights Council, Reform or We Leave, Taking Our Billions With Us


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sent a letter to nine nonprofits this week alerting them to the fact that the U.S. will withdraw from the Human Rights Council if they don’t engage in “considerable reform”. We’ll take our money with us.

“While it may be the only such organization devoted to human rights, the Human Rights Council requires considerable reform in order for us to continue to participate,” he wrote in a letter to nine nonprofit organizations this week, the hill reported.

The U.S. “continues to evaluate the effectiveness” of the council but is skeptical about being in a group with nations such as China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which have poor human rights records.

President Trump’s administration has told State to cut more than 50 percent of U.S. funding to U.N. programs, according to reports on Monday.

The U.S. spends about $10 billion annually on the U.N.

It’s hard to understand how they could reform when their members are horrible. We could put that money to far better use than give it to people who hate us.

Don’t forget it was the Human Rights Council that passed an anti-Israel resolution recently and it was this council that held a moment of silence for mass murderer Fidel Castro upon his death.


Laughably, members of the Council include Iran, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Congo, China and others. It is these human rights abusers who sit in judgment of other country’s human rights records.

If you will remember, the Council has condemned the U.S. and Israel for their human rights abuses – two tolerant and liberal countries. However, they never notice the beheadings, gay killings, abuse of women by their other members.

Aside from being worse than worthless, they get to do it with U.S. taxpayer dollars. So who is more ridiculous – them or us?

It’s wonderful to finally have leaders with some sense and some gumption who will take on this silly little organization comprised of people who hate us but love our money.


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