Warren, Biden, Sanders – kill late-term babies, not mass shooters


There is no medical reason whatsoever to abort a baby in the last trimester or after birth, yet, that is what our Democrat candidates want to do. What they don’t want is capital punishment for mass shooters.


Fox News correspondent Kristin Fisher told Shannon Bream on her show last night that the White House wants to expedite the death penalty for people who are found guilty of committing these kinds of mass shootings. And today, the vice president’s Chief of Staff said that the department of justice has drafted legislation that would do just that. There are plans to do that in larger gun-control legislation that will be sent to Congress after lawmakers return from their August recess one week from today.

But already the idea of speeding up capital punishment for mass killers is being shot down on the campaign trail.

Tonight, Elizabeth Warren said she opposes the death penalty. And Joe Biden says the proposal has “Nothing to do with rational gun policy.”

Biden said “You think that that will stop that last argument. The white supremacist who blew everybody up in Texas? I don’t think so. I’ve seen nothing — the president has no intestinal fortitude to deal with this. He knows better. He knows, his instinct was to say we will do something on background checks. What’s he doing? Come on. This is disgraceful. This is disgraceful, what’s happening.”

Biden thinks it’s irrational to kill mass shooters, who he falsely claims are all white supremacists, but rational to kill babies as they are about to be born or after they’re born.

Ironically, they have no problem pulling a live, ready-to-be-born baby from a mother’s womb after killing it with a needle.

Sanders is opposed to capital punishment except for babies.


Currently, a 16-year-old is facing jail time in Omaha after throwing her premature baby out the window after she gave birth. The baby was two pounds and 7 months in gestation. The baby was alive until she broke the amniotic sac and threw the little girl out the window.

What’s the problem? That’s what we do now. We kill babies to the moment of birth and after birth if the mother wants to do it. But don’t kill a mass killer.

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