Warren blasts CEO Jamie Dimon for saying she “vilifies successful people”


JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon called out Warren directly in a recent interview, criticizing her candidacy. He believes she “vilifies successful people.”

During an interview with CNBC’s Wilfred Frost, Dimon was asked if he thought it was fair to characterize Warren as “anti-business” or “anti-capitalism.”

“You really have to ask her what she really means,” he responded. “She uses some pretty harsh words, you know, some would say vilifies successful people. I don’t like vilifying anybody. I think we should applaud successful people.”

Fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren responded, accusing Dimon of being “so angry!” at the idea of “being asked to chip in more.” She also claims that the only reason “Dimon and his buddies” are successful is because they utilized resources that “we all paid for,” and therefore the general population has some sort of claim to their wealth.

“It’s really simple: Jamie Dimon and his buddies are successful in part because of the opportunities, workforce, and public services that we all paid for. It’s only fair that he and his billionaire friends chip in to make sure everyone else has a chance to succeed,” Warren tweeted.

Warren is a big socialist.

And here she is vilifying successful people:

She does more than vilify successful people. She tweets several times a day about the money she will redistribute. Many might say she is a communist.

This quote might strike you as prescient: “Ms. War­ren should be com­mended for the wealth of de­tail in her [Medicare for All] plan, which al­lows vot­ers to judge it for them­selves. This said, she may well have penned the long­est sui­cide note in recorded his­tory.”

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