Warren calls for no law enforcement protections for our school children


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) penned an op-ed Wednesday in Essence Magazine to blatantly pander to black and brown people with the false claim that there is a school-to-prison pipeline. She said, “enough is enough” and called for taking school resource officers out of the schools. Warren is trying to blame poor school performance on racism in schools and law enforcement.

She must think black and brown people don’t want protection for their children.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) thinks it wise to have NO protection against would-be killers in our schools.

In a new editorial, the hard-left Democrat pushes for eliminating armed school resource officers. That would leave unarmed people to defend the children.

The fake Indian, excuse me, the 1/1024th possibly Indian woman, the big chief, was responding to footage of a school resource officer violently apprehending an 11-year-old black girl.

Warren generalized and said our “young black and brown students across the country live with this threat every day, and reopened conversation around a central question: why was a police officer there to begin with?”

Police do need to use force to take down the noncompliant who are violent, threatening, punching, and refusing to follow reasonable directives. Even children with serious mental issues and troubled home lives need discipline.

Warren states:

In the 1990s, hundreds of police officers were deployed to public schools across the country as a component of the war on drugs and later in response to school shootings. Today, at least fourteen million students attend schools staffed with a police officer — but without a single counselor, social worker, psychologist, or nurse.

As an educator, I can say that it is not true in all or almost all schools. Schools today must have resources to test, counsel, and aid the injured. Secondly, nurses and counselors can’t take down a violent criminal — unless they’re armed.

I have worked in seven schools and when I had to, I worked with the police. Personally, I found they were caring and helpful. There is always an exception as with any career. I remember one hardened detective breaking down in tears when a derelict set fire to a building, killing two people. He broke down partly over the derelict who was once the high school football quarterback. The man, still in his twenties accidentally set the fire. The detective had tried to save him for years, even got him into rehab more than once.

At Parkland, in the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, the resource officers were told to follow the restorative justice model. That should give you a sense of what it would be like without resource officers. Seventeen children and staff were slaughtered that day.

Resource officers, when their hands aren’t tied, protect children and teachers. They aren’t there because they are racists who want to hurt black and brown children or any children.


President Barack Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan issued “Guiding Principles: A Resource Guide for Improving School Climate and Discipline,” in order to fix what’s being called the “school-to-prison pipeline,” where black students and students with disabilities are disproportionately subjected to suspensions and expulsions.

That is a fraud. There is no school-to-prison pipeline. Teachers and staff care about the children and the color of their skin is irrelevant. They try their hardest to save them, but they can’t make up for bad parenting. You can find one or two exceptions, but most people go into education to teach and to help children.

At one point, she writes, “Over the years, the implementation of policies from Zero-Tolerance to surveillance to criminalizing lateness and absenteeism has created a system of loopholes that trap our most vulnerable students in a pipeline kept alive by the for-profit prison system.”

Criminalizing lateness and absenteeism? First of all, few schools have ‘zero-tolerance’ and secondly, does she want children to learn they don’t have to be on time and can show up whenever?


Earlier this month, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law mandating that all public and charter schools could no longer suspend students in elementary and middle schools for disruptive behavior or “willful defiance.” Schools are encouraged to turn to restorative justice as an alternative.

He, in essence, is abolishing the rule of law in schools, giving unruly and sometimes violent children free rein

Warren wants to bring this lawless education to all schools nationwide and put it under the control of the big government.

The hard-left would have their ideological dream fulfilled in the name of social justice but evil would be unleashed.

She makes as much sense as throwing a plugged-in hairdryer in the bathtub.




  2. With all due deference, that SRO seems to have gone off the rails. The video showing the start of the confrontation doesn’t seem to exist, but the part that HAS been presented showed an SRO who, although MUCH larger than the girl, was unable to effect control properly. If he doesn’t know how to hold a much smaller person with a submission hold, he needs to step away and go get some training.

    Having said that much … that was <> SRO out of thousands who act as shields between our children and thugs / mass shooter violence. Lieawatha is wrong.

    But so are you.

    I’m a school crossing guard and less than a week ago I had to step between a group of kids and the solitary kid they were targeting (he’s small AND he’s a smartass) on concrete. TBH, if it had been one on one on the grass, I’d have taken my time approaching them. But it was 3 on one on concrete and the chance of significant injury was higher than I was willing to permit.

    Sometimes you can get compliance through voice … sometimes you cannot. Vocal compliance only lasts as long as you can maintain dominance. Apparently I am better at that than he is … but also, being outside, I could raise my voice louder and faster and more aggressively than he probably could indoors.

    It is my hope that Blacks will not buy into those 50 year old racial scare tactics again. #Blexit

    • I used a double caret to emphasize the word “ONE”. All that is left of that is an empty set of single carets .
      Imagine a capital “ONE” inside them and all is good. 😉

  3. An interesting way to lower the violence at a school. Every parent or guardian should immediately remove their children. All taxpayers should demand the portion of their taxes on ed returned. Get a retired relative to home school them. Empty the schools, no more violence in the schools. No more need for the government to have your money to create a billion rules where your children’s lives are put at risk deliberately with oh so much tolerance. Public schools have outlived their usefulness.

  4. She will bring more chaos into schools, where no discipline will be the norm, all in the name of making blacks victims.

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