Warren embraces AOC’s wage & rent controls, welfare for all [even illegals]


According to the NY Times, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plans to do for the nation’s poor [especially illegal aliens], what she has done for climate change with the [absurd] Green New Deal, and the [wholly unaffordable] Medicare for All.

AOC is the most coveted Democratic endorsement in America today according to the media, which is the main reason Elizabeth Warren embraces it.

Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal, dubbed “A Just Society,” calls for nationwide rent control and bans the federal government from denying welfare benefits based on an individual’s immigration status and previous criminal convictions. Warren became the first Democratic presidential candidate to endorse the plan, calling it “just the type of bold, comprehensive thinking we’ll need” to make “big, structural change.”

Alexandria O’Crazio calls it a “START” for “economic justice.”

They are offering welfare to every illegal alien who happens to come into the country. To be clear, that is the entire world. These two will also give them free healthcare, childcare, rent, Internet and whatever else they ‘need.’ There is no way to pay for this, and it opens our doors to every poor person in the world.

This would destroy the USA.


The plan will also pressure federal contractors to offer better wages and benefits, and update official poverty measurements by taking into account geographic cost-of-living variations and access to health insurance, childcare, and “new necessities” such as internet access.

Free! Everything will be free for the poor until everyone is poor and there is no more money to spread around. It shouldn’t take long. This is communism. Recently, a Harris poll claimed 49% of Americans supported the communistic Universal Basic Income. If true, it has to be because they are dumbed down.

Sadly, a leading 2020 presidential candidate — Elizabeth Warren — backs it whole-heartedly.

Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal consists of six separate bills and calls for the expansion of welfare. Bills three and four make it illegal for the federal government to deny welfare benefits to ex-convicts and illegal immigrants. The legislation does not address how to pay for the rising cost of welfare, nor does it explain how it would accomplish its goals.

“Ocasio-Cortez is considered to be “one of the most important endorsements in America,” and Warren’s immediate support of her latest policy marks another attempt to win the freshman congressman’s nod of approval.”

AOC says we’re too rich and too unequal. This dingbat, who somehow got a college degree from Boston University, is the new Democrat Party leader who will show you how to make it all right.

The NY Times brazenly promotes this communistic ideology, writing:

Such ideas would have once been dismissed as fringe initiatives on the far left, but many members of Congress and Democratic presidential candidates have rushed to embrace them, seeking the approval of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and her supporters.

“She’s a lightning rod,” said Dianne Enriquez, a director at the Center for Popular Democracy, a liberal advocacy group. “I think the boldness, the ability to be innovative, the willingness to go out on a limb for what she believes is right is really what makes her an ideal champion for a lot of the issues that have gone largely ignored at the federal level.”

She’s not a lightning rod, she’s an ill-informed neanderthal with no substance.


The fake Indian from Massachusetts embraces it and she sure wants that coveted endorsement at the same time.

“A Just Society” is just the type of bold, comprehensive thinking we’ll need to get it done, Warren tweeted.

Here’s a novel approach for these two fools — tell people to get a job, get an education, and do their best instead of mooching off people. They’re system can’t possibly work.

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