Warren Films Her ‘Family Story,’ Stressing Her Fake Indian Heritage


Elizabeth Warren wants to run for President along with the pack of socialists now calling themselves Democrats and, to do that, she feels she has to confront the fake Native-American ancestry she is trying to promote. Therefore, she is going back to Norman, Oklahoma. In the film, she continues to push her fake Native American history to an absurd level.

She had a documentary made showing her walking by her old house and through the old neighborhood, with her chatting up her version of her family history into the walk-around.

Obviously, it’s a strategy to quiet questions over her DNA test proving she isn’t a Native American.

This is the house she might have lived in from 1952 to 1960.

This is her house now.

“Any serious presidential candidate’s going to have a biography like this,” said Michael Crespin, a professor of political science at the University of Oklahoma. “She needs to throw off the, ‘I’m an elite liberal from Massachusetts,’ ” according to the Boston Globe.

“People acknowledge that she’s from here and she’s a part of the community, but I don’t feel like there’s a strong public sense of being connected to her on a deeply personal level,” said Caleb Slinkard, the editor of the Norman Transcript, the city’s daily newspaper.

Warren said she visits as often as she can.

“This is where my brothers are, where my cousins gather, where we sit on my brother David’s back porch and drink beer and eat barbecue and talk about our lives together,” Warren said, in an interview with the Globe.

Truth be told, she left Oklahoma when she was 17 years of age and didn’t look back.

In the film, she says for the cameras:

“I am in the cafeteria of my high school. The site of multiple hours of detention. And I am just about two blocks away from the church where I got married at 19,” Warren said, speaking to the state’s teachers, who won raises and new education funding by walking out of their classrooms earlier this year. “I am living proof that Oklahoma’s public schools prepare their kids for pretty much anything that comes along.”

This is how Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter introduced themselves to the nation — with a slick film.  Her film is called, “Elizabeth Warren’s family story.”

She says she grew up at the “ragged edge of the middle class”. They quickly made money but she doesn’t mention that!


In the video, Warren says her mother was born in Eastern Oklahoma, and her father’s family bitterly opposed the marriage because her mother had some Native American heritage. There are piles of family photos and even a gun in one frame of the video.

A gun “even”! Oh my!

Here’s her mom, proves she’s an Indian:

What a bunch of bunk. Her DNA already shows if she does have any Native-American ancestry, it was well over a hundred years ago and it’s a very tiny amount. She is blatantly lying here. She won’t give up the ghost.

The film drops in more about the Indian tribes who were the first to live on the land.

They even got this in:

“When someone is that much smarter than the rest of the kids, they kind of rule the roost,” said Bowers, who did not specifically remember the correcting, but recalled Warren once making a joke at her expense. 

Bowers, a library manager now living in Shawnee who said she is very supportive of Trump, said the two played often at Warren’s house, often with a dollhouse. Years later, she says she has no memory of hearing that Warren’s family claimed they had Native American ancestors, the Boston Globe reported.

“My grandmother was Native American on my father’s side. My dad used to take us to powwows,” Bowers said. “I never heard anything about her family being Native American or anything.” 

That’s because they aren’t and weren’t.

Warren said she could not comment specifically, but that the family’s stories about their heritage had been part of her life since she was a child. That’s convenient how she won’t comment — plausible deniability?


Starla Van Winkle, a Republican who is an interior designer at the Mister Robert furniture store, said she was about as skeptical of Warren’s stated connection to Oklahoma as she is of the claims of Native American ancestry, according to the Globe.

“It doesn’t impress me that she states she comes from Norman,” Van Winkle said, who called her “an East Coast person — just somebody that didn’t grow up in the Bible Belt.”

This entire thing is a sleek, phony production intended to charm the masses with false impressions. Nothing is real with these Democrats.

She left out her history of driving around in a little sports car in high school, buying up foreclosures and selling them for a profit, and how she made enough to live in the mansion she now owns.


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1 year ago

Fake Indian gets by with Democrats when she Lies

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Phony Hollywood production like so many of the Democrats pretending to be of the people hiding their elitism, same old ‘BS’, the ignorant and emotionally driven voters will buy into this propaganda.