Warren PERSISTS! Blabbers with “Overflow Crowds” in Tiny Little Venues


If you want to know how this election cycle will go, look at the media coverage of the first active candidate who launched her campaign two years in advance. Chief Elizabeth Warren is in Iowa, appearing in very small venues to “overflow crowds.”  If they were large venues, they might have to report that she drew under 100 people to her engagements. Her people chose locations that handle about 100, 150 people or less.

Her people couldn’t get a mic to work in one. There is symbolism in that; as a Socialist, she can’t get anything to work.

The word of the day after Elizabeth Warren’s people couldn’t even get the sound system working was ‘PERSISTED’ — she persisted. The media outlets covering Warren in this Council Bluffs event all repeated the same word.

When her mic failed, she screamed at everyone about the usual things that cause her to scream. The Washington Post national reporter touted the episode as “she persisted.” Wow, all that courage in one screaming mimi.

Chelsea Janes is sufficiently fawning over the Democrats and will cover The Washington Post’s [WaPo] 2020 campaign. She is “so honored to have that opportunity.” Everything Janes retweets is a pro-Dem and anti-Trump message of some sort.

Warren noted during her speech that she wants income inequality dealt with by levying high taxes. Recently, she said a 90 percent tax rate isn’t too high. We have that on tape.

Fakeahontas must have missed the jobs report.

We have historically low unemployment for Hispanics and Blacks, and she missed that too.

The wealthy Massachusetts Socialist is clueless about the common man.

Also troubling to her is the Hobby Lobby case, which was also the Mennonite Conestoga Woods case. The ruling allows businesses to not provide abortifacients as part of their health coverage. Since abortion pills are cheap, people can pay for them. Socialists like Warren want the government to force religious people to provide them.

This WaPo reporter Mike Scherer took a tight shot and gushed over the alleged crowds. More on that later.

The NPR reporter Asma Khalid is wowed by her as well — all those statistics! Tax dollars help support NPR, a biased news outlet.

The weakening middle class has a lot to do with policies she promotes. Asma reported that Warren is worried that Hobby Lobby is being weaponized [that is totally made up].

NBC reported casually, “one might say she is persisting”.

Buzzfeed’s Ruby Cramer took a tight shot and called it an overflow crowd. You have to love the lighting effects.

And looky here! She found a woman with a ‘nevertheless she persisted’ tattoo. Let’s hope it washes off since Warren won’t be around long. The woman is likely a plant.

In keeping with her new ‘down-to-earth’ self, she hugged people instead of shaking hands. Warren should have brought along some beer or bongs for the crowd of reportedly under 100 people.

A number of people commented that there were well under 100 people.

About the overflow crowd, this fellow claims there were 86 people at this one event.

An Omaha World-Herald reporter said there was an overflow crowd. And there does seem to be for her appearance in a tiny room.

At this event, the Fox News reporter had the cameraman pan the room. The tiny room was full.

CBS points out there was an overflow crowd at this event [in a small bar and grill].

The Council Bluffs daily paper talked about the crowd at this event. Again, it was a small venue and she was talking to reporters mostly.

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