Warren promises tax $$$ will cover all healthcare for people here illegally


Elizabeth Warren, the first fake Indian to run for President, will take $800 billion out of defense to pay for free healthcare for all the people who wander into the country illegally.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) confirmed Friday that her $52 trillion Medicare for All plan will cover illegal immigrants.

Warren attended a “Latinx town hall” in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Friday and confirmed that during a Q & A.

In her plan, she states all illegal aliens will get free healthcare and she will give them amnesty. They will then, in turn, pay for part of the plan.

Most Americans have health insurance and the poor receive Medicaid. Now we have to pay for the world. As people pour in from every country imaginable, especially the very needy, our tax money will go to pay for their care.

Woke Warren is running against the prevailing opinions of the everyday American, but she is well in line with the democratic socialist/neo-communist agenda of the globalists.

It’s good stuff for Republicans.

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